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Best ultra portable vape?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by ajvapegod, Sep 4, 2017.


Which vape should I get?

  1. Grasshopper

  2. Pax 3

  3. Davinci IQ

  4. Firefly 2

  5. Ghost MV1

  6. Arizer Air 2

  7. Haze Square

  8. Other

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  1. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    I don't know if PIU sells the wood stem that you can get from MVT. The MVT is a bit smaller and somewhat sleeker than the tubo but you need to get 14 mm instead of 18mm stems unlike the milaana and tubo. It only takes a few seconds to get up to usable heat and turns off quickly. Simple to use. I have an older one that came with a turn off switch but I don't think that comes standard anymore.
    I still recommend getting the Ddave 14 mm prepack if you do go with this. There are smaller vapes out there but for people who are not familiar with vaping it doesn't look like a vape or an ecig when not in use which help stealth.

    One other thing about the mvt is that it is very active on the board. If you have any problems at all, you'll get help quickly. I couldn't get a screen out of the wood stem and mentioned that in the thread and was offered help including sending something to remove it right away. There's an advantage- no matter where you buy it- to get a product by a developer on the board.
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  2. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead trance-form

    I can hit my Air pretty much anywhere. The biggest negative to it is the long heat-up time. The Air 2 should make some nice improvements in that area.

  3. ajvapegod

    ajvapegod Member

    Hey tanks for all the great advice u guys. I'm still debating on which one to get but the gh, fw4, MVT, and healthy rips fury I think so far are the front runners for me now. The fury seems really dope, but I wanted to get your guys opinion on it. Build quality, vapor quaility, etc.
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  4. Jill NYC

    Jill NYC Portable Collector

    New York, NY
    I don't have one yet, but there is a thread chock full of info. Check out last 7 or so pages for great info. http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/healthy-rips-fury.24408/
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