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Arizer Solo v. Firefly

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by kinghenry, May 7, 2014.


Arizer Solo v Firefly

  1. Solo

  2. Firefly

  1. kinghenry

    kinghenry New Member

    Hello, I am looking to invest some money into a quality portable vape and these two came up.

    My question, is which one of these are better?

    If there are any other vapes worth mentioning, please let me know (I am looking for a good quality vape to use)

    My budget is around 100 - 180

    -I won't be walking around using the vape, mostly home use

    Cheers Henry
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  2. Bouldorado

    Bouldorado Well-Known Member

    Firefly is probably better, but the solo is unquestionably a better value.
  3. imasinner

    imasinner Just Some Loser

    Earth (until I conquer it)
    The Firefly may have to be crossed off your list since it seems to be higher than the budget you mentioned. I don't have the Solo, but it seems to be the closest of the two that meets your needs. Plus, I've heard nothing but good things about it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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  4. EveryDayAmnesiac

    EveryDayAmnesiac Well-Known Member

    That is a REALLY tough question, but yes, you made it easier by your budget allowance.

    By default, the answer is SOLO. Perfect for a portable around the house at your budget. I can't imagine you'd be disappointed by it.
  5. olivianewtonjohn

    olivianewtonjohn Well-Known Member

    For around the house the solo might be better. I dont have any experience with the FF but hear its a great vape. I believe the FF is a better sneak a toke (not a session vaporizer) you can get a quick hit if you want. With the solo you get a session vaporization style it takes awhile to heat up (~1min or 2 depending on temp).

    Since you said for around the house I would pick the solo just because it pairs with water pipes very well. Even a GonG stem you can buy or eds WonG stem. Its like a mini baby cloud with the stem
  6. Vape_genius

    Vape_genius New Member

    Me being an owner of the FF, I would say its the best. Good quality Vape and the taste is amazing. Although have never used a Arizer. People say the FF is heavy, I say it doesn't feel cheap. If Apple made a Vape this would be it lol!!
  7. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    If the Firefly were an Apple product it would be the second gen iPod touch or the iPod Classic. Its great and the design is smooth; but its heavy, big, and feels featureless.

    The Solo would be a better buy unless you need the higher temperatures the FF has access too. Also it would save you some money, there are many vaporizers that can deliver as well if not better than the FF for less. It just may not be worth the money to go for the FF. Also, its out of price range anyway. By like 100 dollars, how is it an option.

    If you need higher temps but don't want to break the bank, check out the Firewood, Lotus, or Hammer. All are under 120 and deliver better than the Solo IMO.
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  8. hoptimum

    hoptimum Well-Known Member

    Have you considered the Indica?

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