A vape with the power to punch you in the face like a bong?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by namasteIII, Apr 1, 2017.

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    The Herbalizer gets up to it's max temp in 15 seconds, has precision heat control (so that you can tailor it to exactly which cannabinoids you want to get), and that way you could get more CBD than with whatever vape you're using now. It should be more "smoking"-like. That seems to take care of your criteria: fast and strong. Also the higher temps are more efficient at extraction. I'm not trying to recommend overly high, unsafe temps, but more cannabinoids end up in the vapor when the heat is up. So not only do you get the cannabinoids that need higher temps to vaporize, the percentage of cannabinoids in the vapor is higher. There are academically published papers out there with this info.
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    That's one of the issues. Second your time/inconvenient comments...I say moot. There are just as many steps to take versus bong rips to vaporizing depending on the device. Not to mention the lack of extraction, wasted active compounds, debilitated taste and overall effect health wise and high wise.. when you burn shit. Oh that other smoke usually adds a placebo based on the irritant of smoke/carbon and gas vapors. The carbon being a byproduct from the combustion process.

    I use to burn over an ounce a week to my face, blunts in my face or stuck into a bowl/slide vertically in a bong! I'm no lightweight and been at this for over 25 years.

    Combusting not only shorts you many healthful and high benefits, it robs you of money. How you might ask.. it's effects don't last as long and you've got no ABV byproduct to use for other highs and benefits. You can't honestly say that your preferred bong rips last that long compared to a way father superior and cleaner high of vaporizing. NO WAY. Yes initially it felt like it to me when I burned but I was burning again not to long after to maintain the effect.

    One reason people think they are more ripped from combusting bong rips is because the smoke irritants add to the initial slap in the face. If you don't believe me read up on what effects irritants have on mind and perceived effects, also stick your face over a smokey camp fire sometime and inhale all you can.... you'll catch a feeling for sure.

    There are so many choices to get you what you are want in the vaporizing realm...
    Slow down, relax and try to think about what you're really seeking. I've had close friends say the same thing as you have and then I set them up for huge vape slaps. They tap out pretty fast every time and these are also current combustion heads too. I've managed to enjoy many instant flights without puffing forever as you insinuated. It's all in the wrist......juuuuuust tap it in. Best of luck to you and stop combusting. ;)
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