You cant trust concentrates these days


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Stay clear of using any additives with your rosin. It's all garbage and so not necessary.

Why don't you consider growing your own plants, organically? It's not rocket science. Anyone can do it whether your location is legal or not. The trick is to keep it small and grow inside a cabinet or tent where you have control over temperature, humidity and the smell during flowering.

I'm on my third grow. One plant at a time in a steel cabinet. I control every aspect of the grow. No pesticides, aquifer water, no nutrients other than what is in the soil mix. The result is pristine, clean flower that I harvest and press myself for use in vape cartridges. It cannot get any better than the way I'm doing it. I lay the whole process, here:
I have followed that tread, can you show more pics of the outside of the cabinet please. My fallback might be using a empty 500lb accutrack welding wire drum.


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I don’t always use concentrates but I do a few times a month. I live in a legal state. I’ve had some very tasty shatter but recently bought some that had a terrible taste and it irritated my lungs. It’s been a few days and I still feel like I need to cough something up. Sorry to be so graphic but that’s how it feels. All the concentrates are suppose to be made safely around here.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a shatter that had such a terrible vapor taste then to irritate my lungs. I’m not sure where I bought this or I would let the company know. It was in some packaging that I have since thrown away. I also threw away the rest of the shatter. It wasn’t fit for human consumption or I would have given it away.

I’m not sure what happened but be careful what you inhale in your lungs. This will probably clear up in a few more days.
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