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@Winegums never offered something out of ebony. Winegums always generally offers local woods. There were ebony stems/bodies directly offered by DV until autumn last year I mean. Those were changed to some kind of local 'dark wood' since this time.
Other mfr who offer ebony stems/bodies only are @phattpiggie and @primitiveorganic. Just look at my called pic collection to find them.


I make things from wood
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I do have some chunks of blackwood and Ebony but it’s a very limited supply from George that I recieved a while ago. Like @Hogni said I deal mostly with domestic woods which I have a large supply of.

I bought ebonite since it’s far more stable than black wood and comes in a wide range of sizes.


I make things from wood
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I've been packing my things to get ready to move. It's been a busy start to 2019 for me.
Moving unfortunately means I'll have to leave behind the shop at my parents house and my woodworking will have to take a backseat. While I still have access to the shop, I won't be able to get as much done as I have previously.

Vaping hasn't inspired me to come up with any new designs and my creative attention has drifted towards my old flame which is music. I don't have as much reason to come to the forums as often as I have before. I see the same questions that I've answered many times over and get a burnt out feeling in my gut. As a result I haven't been checking in on things here as often.

I still love my Vapcaps, Mighty and Herbalizer which get used almost everyday but don't see a need to discuss them or mod them anymore than I already have.

I guess that's essentially where I'm at with things. Not gone, just quiet.


Dang brother, glad you are well!

Your work is fantastic! I still have a NEVER used #8 from you... It is so damn pretty, I always had it on display and never put any vapor through it.


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Kind of a dead thread here but wanted to share my recent purchases in hopes that @Winegums might come around and see his creations are living on.

The first item is a walnut, no air port, 14mm taper, and lined with what appears to SS stem. Reading back through the thread it seems he used brass too. The stem has a very quality feel to it and I love the way the tip fits in and the O rings are concealed. I outfitted it with a TRWW mouthpiece/condenser and a 2019 SS tip and I’m very pleased with the way it turned out. 3A281F08-C013-4D9E-A784-EF636182096E.jpeg
The second item is a maple XL stash. I believe this item was probably made in ‘17, so cutting edge for DV stuff at the time. Winegums did a wonderful job on this and handmade craftsmanship is all over it. It houses an XL and has a spot to fit a lighter and some herb. A5E10E88-DB74-4D73-AD83-D394E623A631.jpeg
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