Who vapes a lot? And how much? (Not a competition)

Trypsy Summers

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I tend to go through 2g a day average and it's been like that for about 3 or 4 years. Lately I have been sometimes doing about 1g instead of 2g on certain days since I am trying to save money but in all honesty if I can truly afford it I will go with 2g.

If I am with my amazing best friend I actually use less, or the same amount, surprisingly. I guess we get each other feeling well and so the cannabis is less needed or it's more effective.

But yes.

but in all honesty if I can truly afford it I will go with 2g.
Yep! That's me right thurrr!:nod:
Trypsy Summers,


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I go through about a gram of hemp flower and .25 of funky herb daily. Mostly through the volcano classic


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With the corona virus lockdown, less availability low stock dry times has helped me reduce my consumption to 0.5g to max 1 gram a day.

It does seem to help me be more functional and doing chores around the house, cooking due to lock down.


I do not do any chores without vaping first, and days with chores planned lead to an increase in consumption. Ideally I think 1.5g to 2g works best for me, but times are hard so I am still at around .5g.
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I only vape in the evenings after work, dinner, workout, I might start a little sooner on weekends and mix in some of my coconut oil or only do edibles occasionally. My supply is more or less unlimited since I grow in my basement and have gotten quite proficient at producing high quality flower. I normally start off with a 2:1 THC:CBD strain such as Philosopher Seeds Fruity Jack and later switch to something heavier to cap off the night. My typical nightly consumption is around 2 grams, I am rather spoiled and remove every stem and leaf and only vape 100% flower. I also don't take the material to the bitter, charred end, there is a lot of THC left in my AVB. I find that MJ works best for me once a day with 24 hours between sessions, trying to vape mornings, noon and nights makes me groggy and leaves me unsatisfied.
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“I used to smoke marijuana. But I’ll tell you something: I would only smoke it in the late evening. Oh, occasionally the early evening, but usually the late evening – or the mid-evening. Just the early evening, mid-evening and late evening. Occasionally, early afternoon, early mid-afternoon, or perhaps the late mid-afternoon. Oh, sometimes the early-mid-late-early morning . . . . But never at dusk.”
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Oh No! Mr macbill!!
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As a chronic user, the amount I vape per day is directly related to the manner of delivery. Am I using my Glass Vapor Genie, that has a huge bowl? Or the Volcano? Use a bunch. Solo II, Solo, Fury 2, Fury Fierce, etc. I use less. Vapcap, E-Nano, Ed's Log Vape, etc. even less. And I'm always satisfied: I like them all.
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I vape kind of a lot. I don't really measure but I guess an ounce or two per month. If I have hash I use a lot of that. I'm older and have joint inflammation issues, and this, along with tai chi, helps a lot. I cannot really afford to buy this much from dispensaries or black market so I am forced to do medical grows, which turns out to be fun so it's all good. Unfortunately when you vape a lot and all the time like I do you don't really get high most of the time, just a kind of mellowness. I'll take it because otherwise my shoulders hurt a lot.
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I vape basically every single day and throughout the day but I'm a micro doser. If I only use the mflb, which I do at home now after finally getting a power adapter, a trench lasts me two days easily. Holding an average of .15 grams, an ounce takes me a over 370 days to go through.

Only other vape I use is the vapcap and I don't usually go through more than one or two caps per day.


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I also vape daily. Weekends I’m doing 1-3 bowls out of my Firefly. During the week sometimes 2 bowls daily if I vape at work. I don’t really know how much a bowl holds. I also don’t worry about the amount as I don’t pay for weed so it kinda doesn’t matter. When I ripped bongs prior to 2015 was a 1/2oz a week.


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I vape all day everyday. Just part of life I guess I would say I go through an oz every two weeks. At first I’ll use the volcano..or other vaoes that take a lot if herb and get really lifted. Then as my meds get lower i use smaller devices trying to make it last longer but use it twice as much lol.

godzone vaper

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All day, every day,I'm a medical user,braindamage and I simply can't think when no thc in my system.(unless forced T-break when travelling to countries like the Phillipins).
But I gotta admit , I'm am very useless in that situation.:cry:
My own:about 2 gram a day.
If I have to buy indoors:about 4,5 a day.:whip:
When in Holland up to 8 a day.....industrial yuck:puke:


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I've quit from time to time (mostly for work when I was worried about random testing), but at this point I vape at least a half gram to a gram every day. Usually more on the weekends.


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I ate 150 mg of edibles today. Took roughly 18 dabs. Some bigger some smaller. Will do another 5-10. Smoked 1 .75 gram joint. Took 7-9 good pulls off the oil pen. I'm sure I'm missing something I'm high as fuck. Get to sleep in tomorrow and will do it all again. I do only have 100 mg for tomorrow so I'll have to take a few extra dabs or something.

When flower was the only thing available I was buying an ounce every 5-7 days. Now that it's an easy trip to the store my usage has shot way up.
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