What's in your vape right now?


Less soul, more mind

„Green Crack“ – I know this is known and popular, but I actually try this for the first time... and this is *nice*. Energizing like a cup of strong coffee, but also playful and inspiring. Unusually long lasting effects. Very intense fruity and herbal notes. Could be one of my new favorites.


Cherry Wine from Lake Land Hemp in Michigan. These boys honestly look quite full of trichomes, bud looks lightly colored compared to the dark green space candy I just had from Horn Creek.

I’d give 10/10, I didn’t see any information regarding this farm at all and just went ahead and pulled the trigger. Mixed with some of my mystery thc strain and feels quite nice. Gave me a couple very big sample buds too
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So many new great personal pictures! Thx for sharing :tup:.

I've tried Durban Poison and Green Crack 👍 (I currently even have some Green Goblin... supposedly a pheno of Green Crack) . Both are good. Would love to get my hands on and see what a high quality batch of Durban Poison is like (mine was avg).

I'm back with Vortex currently in the vape, it tastes like a sweet fruit mix and is an ~80/20 sativa mix :luv: . A Cannabis Cup winning sativa! Here's a picture of my batch again. Frosty amber trichomes underpinning a potent experience with strong cerebral effects :science:. Huge nug too, enjoy!

Have a great weekend.

:peace: :leaf:
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Mixed four strains 5-6 weeks ago, durban poison, strawberry cough, gelato 33 and lilac diesel.

The blend is incredibly sweet and strong. This is probably greenhouse weed considering the lower cost. It has flavor and vapor at every step from the first hit at 220° to max temperature at 430°f. Only vaping 1.5 - 2 bowls per day, and that's too much. Getting 9 brain-scrambling hits per bowl. (I probably need a T break but I like it too much.... 😬)

My io will be 21 months old in a few days. I'm trying to think positive thoughts, doubtful Hopper Labs is still in business to fix it when it breaks. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to fully enjoy dangerously strong weed with the io. 👿.

Here's Gelato 33 and Lilac Diesel. Happy weekend!


Bad Dog

Yeah I pissed on the rug...... so what
I had some alien chemdog that looked like that, unusual looking texture very soft and fuzzy looking from a distance.

apricot kush live sugar in my Vrod, nothing new I've had it before and its one of my favourite concentrates but what is new is I got a 45 to 90 degree dropdown so I can use my thick walled elev8 beaker bong to dab and it was great! a lot of flavour with that raw diffusion even tough it holds so much water it was very tasty:drool:
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