Vapomix by Fumytech

Is this gonna be a faiI?

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So according to their theory the "hit" would be larynx contraction due to the nicotine? Interesting...

But we also can get hits with good convection vapes and no nicotine... I think it's more a matter of temperature and density.
Yes, but: `It is also possible to use each of the two functionalities (herbal vaporizer or electronic cigarette) independently cf one another if the user so wishes.` :brow:
Ik you d ask, why would You use it, if u re not a nicotine `addict`, you may be right... but there are 0mg juices aswell. :rolleyes:
That means you basically vape only VG [vegetable glycerin] + PG [propylen glycol] + whatever the flavour contains. :science:
Most juices come in a 70% VG 30% PG proportion, though everybody likes it differnt. You can vape 100% VG, but PG is the one that provides the throat hit = TH [larynx contraction]. So You can get TH without nicotine. :nod:
It can be useful for ppl, who don t like the taste of cannabis. :mental: [WTF, flavour is the one most important pick criteria for me, but I m sure there are such ppl..]
I wanted to see some opinions, but I think You must try it to truly know, as it is something completely different = a kind of spliff ! :lol:
For me as an E-juice Vaper it may be interesting, but for those, who don t vape E-juice, dunno what to say.. :hmm:
I may be buying it, as it is half the price atm on with MAP coupon. Dunno for how long, though.. :uhoh:
Retail we re looking at 140 $. :2c:
Release date should be tomorrow.
The only review in English i ve found:
but this is the Beta version. :argh:
If I`ll eventually decide to buy it, :shrug: I`ll post something for sure. ;)
Thank You for taking the time to read this. :tup:
I wish a great week to You all !! :wave:
Keep f*cking combustion !! :sherlock:


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I think this is interesting, maybe even for myself, as i am still combusting a lot with tobacco and would like to stop this.

I remember a Tommy in the Vapman thread who put e liquid on top of dry herbs in the vapman and really liked it. I never tried it, but i like big clouds, i like to be discrete, so i will follow this thread/vaporizer.
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