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A family photo. sc3, sc3+, alpha, alpha plus, and an alpha mini in the front. Each one brings something special.

Somebody needs an ACXL...


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Somebody was having a hard time moving his unused cocobolo SC3 on FrntExch, initially asking $190, unaware that they were on sale for less on the website, poor guy, and it's a gorgeous piece!


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Hope you are having a great weekend!

Just wanted to share my first impressions on the Alpha I received from the sales.
I received in the mail my Giant Sumac Alpha Dog on Thursday and I am loving it already! Having tried it briefly Thursday night with the stock stems I have and a few from some of my other vapes which looked as if they would work as well. Yesterday I had a whole Underdog log vape day to celebrate the new addition to the family, and the SC3’s and the SC3+ have been on all day, and it is quite a pleasurable experience to feel the differences, and each delivers on their own ways different effects, I think, even the two SC3’s behave their own different ways. So a day that found idle even the HI, the Couchlog and the Tinymight!

Back back to the Alpha.

Device and wood - I was expecting it to be heavier but it is surprisingly lighter than even my Alpha mini and the other dogs I have. I was more a walnut/cherry wood guy but I am starting to be curious and I like the Giant Sumac wood. No noticeable smell but a wood taste that I felt during the first few bowls, and especially when I pulled more heat. I left it on overnight. The taste lingered part of the day yesterday but eventually almost disappeared, and I am getting tasty hits! Unlike with my walnut SC3+ and the Alpha mini, the wood has not felt uncomfortably hot in any way, a plus I think. Here to stay definitely!

VVPS - After initial soak time at 11.5 on the dial for at least an hour - I was busy with other things too, i then turned the VVPS a bit down to 11 and it settled at around 10.8 the first night, and it still felt hot for me, but since yesterday it seems to have stabilized at 10.6. Very comfortable at 10.6, reminds how TM feels easy once dialed in at a preferred level of the dial, especially the versatility it provides then - I have been feeling a similar type of comfort last night and even explored some other ways of using it, varying draw styles and stems, including some glass adapters. I find it can hit hard even at this level of the dial with no risk of combustion, for me anyway. I have had one or a couple of hits from each bowl and I like it that way. The Alpha mini will be the sipper.

Stems/Roasing tubes - The Dfreez Designs bowls for the Couchlog which work with all my logs on a j hook or glass piece (dry - my preferred or with water) work with the Alpha as well, both the 14mm and the 19mm. Seem to expand further the open airpath of the Alpha. The Couchlog stock stems and my Dynavap stems with a Couchlog bowl work as well. And these above solve the Alpha large bowl challenge for me. I also have a stainless steel roasting tube @Alan made for me that goes inside the Alpha heater cover and sits not too snug for air while drawing; this stem work within the heater cover the same way the glass microdosing stem Dave added to my order with the bonus swag. Some glass lined wooden roasting tubes @Alan made for the HI will sit over the heater cover for direct draw. For stock Alpha stems I already had the NonG direct draw, the glass direct draw and the 19mm glass WPA stems with my Alpha mini order. This time I got a second glass direct draw and the NonG 19mm WPA. so I think that I am all set.

I enjoy vaping native, and don’t run my devices high on the dial generally, and as for cooling, it means mostly dry for me, actually I have used j-hooks only for cooling since I received the Alpha. But I don’t mind water cooling from time to time with the few glass pieces I have, and will probably use water filtration at some point.

I will take care of this Alpha, but it will be used daily for sure, at least for some time now! I love the new log experience it brings to me already, and it is still to let itself discovered and dialed in further.

Apologies for the long entry! That’s all for now as initial impressions. i did not want to repeat what has already been said on these Alpha before me but maybe another review to come down the road after I spend more time playing with it and getting to know it better.
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Nice write up, I’m curious who can tell me things re alpha vs alpha plus…
with the plus, the air has to pass longer way until it reaches the bowl, hence it brings hotter air so you can use the Alpha+ even around 10.0v instead of like 10.8v with the Alpha, less waiting time between draws too i think
the plus is fully soaked within 40~ minutes, the Alpha just needs 15-20 minutes


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I'm not sure when the Stainless Steel Stem changed but the one that came with my new dog is way better than the one that came with my first unit. Or maybe the new heaters just work that much better, haven't dug out the old stem yet.


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I was using my Zap Myrtle Alpha today and loved how it was looking in the natural light so I decided to try to capture it’s beauty

Action shot of some ice water hash with a little bit of cotton in the NonG
I was reading past entries here, and I think Myrtle is my new favorite wood, or at least this particular figured Myrtle is my favorite UD wood photo.

However, my new, now favorite vape-in-hand is my new UD Wormy Claro Walnut Alpha X! She is phat and so intensely more figured and cracked and crazy on the other side of the large worm holes, and so full of sheen, it's by far the best surprise I've gotten in a long time. I have an exhibition Amboyna stem, but I think I'm going to pass out from the UD's chaotic beauty. Aaaahhhhhhh...I'll send photos when I come to.

BTW I can't believe no one snagged the Camp Fire Citrus Alpha+ during the sale! Or the FYT Black Locust Alpha! Or the Rosewood Alpha+!

Oh, how do I register my new Dog so I can qualify for a mini when one strikes me?
Can anyone recommend a good power supply? Getting annoyed with mine
I highly recommend the ATM from REFC:
Precise, accurate, and inexpensive.

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I've looked and almost bought that so many times. I wish the Prebuilt was in. I bought a highlighter kit like 6 months ago I haven't found time to put together 😢


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Heya everyone! Looks like we've got a flooded office on our hands, so shipping and communications are going to be a bit delayed for the next few days or so. If you have an open conversation with Dave/Underdog (or plan to start one) and need an answer to a question sooner, please message or email me and I'll be able to get back to you faster than he will.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding while we resolve this! :)


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It might be a while before UD has new WPA's? So what places make glass or wood WPA's for the Alpha x? I like heady or clear glass...or pretty woods.
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