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Sitting at home waiting for the mailman to delivery me a dog right now.:worms:

Hope you enjoy it and have a great weekend!

I would like to thank you dave for taking care of my last underdog issue quickly and professionally. Definitely one of the best at customer service in the business.

Our pleasure.. :tup:


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Tomorrow is my smoking day. Will try to report back if I can remember and if I know where I am. I did play with it for a bit and it seems the nylon piece works best with my pinnacle water tool. The glass 14mm adapter is too fragile feeling with more glass sitting on top.


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Those of you on Instagram and Facebook may have already seen pictures of this, but wanted to share here too. New Exhibition Grade Claro Walnut.


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Dave:rockon::tup::clap::nod::ko::bowdown:!!!!! WOW!!!!!
I am nearly speechless - Awestruck!!!!!
A huge Thank You for the incredible package you sent me - pictures will certainly fail to do these beauties real justice, but I will try my very best to present them in the best light possible! Gonna have to keep this note short, only because I can't come up with words adequate enough to express the depth of my appreciation for your OUTSTANDING workmanship & generosity!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
Stay tuned for pictures very soon!!!
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Incredible job Dave and Amanda are doing. I'm so happy for you and your customers. I must admit, looking over your thread I got some nostalgia blues. It was a fun ride making some neat functional art that made a lot of folks happy. But, alas, what is, is and what isn't, isn't.
Keep up the good work. You two make me feel good. It was good to meet and visit with you.......3 days before the drug warriors hit Zapville. Did you know they actually rushed their plans because of our meeting and me posting on FC about it? They had to get me while the gettin' was good.
Beautiful stuff you are doing and excellent customer service!

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