Discontinued Triton Oil Vaporization System


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I am surprised that you cannot share your discussions. Can you explain to us why not?
"it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God ..." always sounded exhausting to me.


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Makes a lot of sense. I totally agree about really preferring to just dab. I'm really looking for something very portable and discrete though. Every portable I've ever owned relied on exposed coils that were foul in no time.

So do you just bring a banger and a torch on the go? Or is there some kind of portable enail Ive never heard of?
anybody have any input on this? I find myself on this quest also.
I am using the SAI TAF Ti bucket and it is the best I have found so far.
But the wax does rise up the walls a bit and I keep thinking what could be more efficient. But then I also think what rises would be wasted in any current coil setup or pocketable rig.
Is there a better device anyone has found? For now I just put as little as possible in the SAI and kinda move it while hitting to keep it puddled in the middle.
Has this heat the walls concept made any headway? Seems like what it needs to keep product from migrating up and away from heat


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Is there a better device anyone has found? For now I just put as little as possible in the SAI and kinda move it while hitting to keep it puddled in the middle.

I recently bought a Quartz Quest ("QQ") from Divine Tribe and I am very impressed with it. I had a couple of long chats with Matt (owner of DT) and his whole "quest" has been to build something as close to a banger as possible. He has done a great job. The quartz cup is kinda on the small size, but it is intended to hold only 2-4 hits. It is MASSIVELY heated from below with two substantial coils placed in little holes drilled right through the bottom of the quartz cup. So it gets very hot very fast. The way you are supposed to use it is to heat up the coil and cup a LOT so that everything vapes off at once (i.e. the low boiling point terps come off at the same time as the higher boiling point THC and THCV). Therefore, the full entourage effect all at once. It's not too hot to stop you from taking a big hit, and if you hook it up to the small bubbler he sells, it is amazingly smooth. Of course, THC itself is slightly irritating to the mucous membranes in the mouth/throat (I have found) so you will still get a slight stinging irritation that can lead to a coughing fit if you massively overdue it. However, there is a happy medium of temperature and draw rate where you are getting the full entourage effect, but not so concentrated that it irritates your throat.


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Guess I'll contribute. I no longer use my Triton. The dual coil ceramic attys did work well, but I never liked those attys, even on my omicron, because it's hard to keep clean or know when you're done (I'm an engineer)

I bought Triton for the bucket system, and neither the Ti nor Quartz seemed to work well. I did (and do) appreciate the push for materials safety from G. It just seems that they needed a lot of help with sales, marketing, documentation, and also an engineering miracle which never happened.

For home use, I have a Titanium enail setup. For on the go, I use CCELL TH2 carts which are just... insanely discreet and portable. Have some concerns with the materials but they're about the same level of sketchiness as any other non-UPTECH portable dab rig so I'll take my chances for now.

I was hyped up and I'm sad it didn't work how I hoped. Oh well. I do wish they would formally announce they are giving up, or otherwise, maybe they have a secret engineering marvel they could ship their previous buyers for free? :D


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Lol, Acolyte. Well, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for any further products from Uptech, free or otherwise. I have been pretty outspoken earlier in this forum about Uptech and the moderator slapped my wrist. And as an engineer I also made a bunch of suggestions but they never replied. I think they were already going under at that time, though it was only a couple of months before that when they introduced the Triton OS. You are right about them needing a major engineering miracle! Lol

What do you put in your ccell carts, Acolyte? Will they handle the normally pretty thick cannabis oils without clogging up?


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I buy THC distillate from the local dispensary. They come in 1g syringes and cost between $15 and $40. They are an extra thick honey consistency.

They come in syringes with a hard plastic tip, but in the package is a stainless tip as well. So I unscrew the plastic tip (really tough sometimes), screw on the metal tip, and fill the cart with that tip (easier to reach in).

I wait 15-20 minutes to let the oil settle down into the coil before vaping it, and use either a pico box mod I got for the triton, or a ccell palm. I buy all my carts and batteries from puffitup (I trust them and like the service/prices)

For regular oils/wax/live resin I have a Ti enail setup, I've never tried dilluting those types of oils but people on the oilpen subreddit have with some success.

edit: you asked about clogging. I buy 1g carts so I can pump the whole syringe in there, and I've only filled a few grams in one, but there is minimal clogging with the distillate. Sometimes I'll hit a clog but it's never a bother/problem.

The cheaper distillates have non-cannabis terps added though which is a little weird imo


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Thanks for the info. Full spectrum oils are generally thicker than thc oil. Diluting with Peg has some health risks associated with it unless you can be certain that it is not in contact with a coil winding over about 350 deg F (forget the exact number). Above that temp peg breaks down releasing formaldehyde which is a carcinogen. Some folks are diluting using pinenes which are dirt cheap on Amazon. It is said you can modify the effect depending on which pinene(s)
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Anyone know of anywhere still carrying the triton. Really only interested in obtaining one to look at the heating element setup for the bucket. Wish w9 had designed this with top air flow, could have been the holy grail of pocketable/portable concentrate vape. Wish the QQ or the SAI could replicate the heater setup/materials used while maintaining top air flow design. A real shame... if anyone has a triton with the bucket heater, could you disassemble it and post pics, please?


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