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Hey everyone. Piggie has a small group of us testing this and providing feedback. So far it's been loads of fun!

I have tried all sorts of torches from small single flames to the Blazer Big Shot size. It's nice to know you can get this to work with any of them and as @ShayWhiteGrow shows we are testing induction heaters too. Right now I'm most enjoying the larger dab style torch. Heat for about 14 seconds (if cold or about 10-12 If doing multiple bowls) and you are good to go! Also found out no need to grind if you don't want to! You can just tear up nugs and stuff the oven! Another Supreme alternative but in a much more convenient form factor!

Piggie is working on these and he thinks he might have something ready by Christmas.


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I've been testing a hard hitting portable vape for the last week called the Thermal Accumulator. It is hand crafted by the well known and admired wood artisan @phattpiggie

The NDA has not yet been lifted so my description will be a little vague for now.

I have tried and successfully attached this device to every stem and WPA I have purchased to work with dynavap tips regardless of maker.

The lid houses the heater matrix. I do not yet have approval to discuss the components or makeup of the interior. I can say they are made of tried and trusted materials most of us are already using or have used.


Over the last couple years I've settled on heavy hitters as my preferred vapes 85% of the time. I haven't owned/used a portable that hits like this. This is right up my alley. I tend to draw/suck hard and overwhelm a lot of heaters.

Another intangible that is so much fun. When I got the device it was all shiny chrome colored. Over time it is has changed colors through, yellow, orange, purple, blue. This picture was taken after the 102 heat up and load.


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I’ve been following PhatPiggie’s work on these on IG, and look forward to @VGOODIEZ getting them stateside!
We certainly cannot wait!

This is a video I made the other day. But again since then I'm gravitating to a larger torch that gets the job done quicker.

I also have to mention that I absolutely love the wood cap Piggle provided which serves purpose of removing the hot top but also as a tamp tool to load the oven.


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Without revealing the layout of the chamber, can someone tell me if the TA is conduction heavy or convection heavy?

Is there a click?
Leans convection. No indicator. It's totally manual but it's VERY forgiving. If you come in hot you simply pause or slow your draw. I have certainly combusted it but it was early on and I was really pushing it to see where the line was.

This can be used in a lot of ways too. Dry or through water, rip hard for big vapor or sip low for more flavor.


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TA is conduction heavy (like a vapcap) or convection heavy (like the anvil)?
both TA and the Anvil are mostly conduction, there's no separation between the chamber and the heater basically... the herb is getting hotter before the user inhales
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ok I can see it now! there's about an Inch gap between the place where you heat, and the chamber, but, while you heat the metal, it conducts heat to the bowl.... it's kinda hybrid, very interesting to try.... it's like the Anvil? the bowl is Ti and the upper part is Copper or something else?
It's part magic, that's where the convection comes from:tup:


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TA is convection heavy, Anvil is conduction heavy.:2c:
Quick clarification: The Anvil is not what I'd call a conduction vape. There is that crucial gap between the Copper Core and the Anvil bowl. Very very minimal points of metal on metal contact between bowl and Copper Core. Believe John has estimated conduction component as less than 5% of heating contribution, tho not sure how he measured that.

This can be seen in this Instagram image showing airflow between the heater and bowl. If they ever release their helix bowl, I think there's will be more metal-to-metal contact between heater and bowl.

Sorry for the detour but felt the clarification was needed. And regardless TA may handle convection differently. Very exciting device!
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