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I don't know the man, the forum or the situation. Was he in a legal state? The whole thing sounds like exactly what my lawyer had me do when I got busted. Had to shut down the forum and observe the gag order, etc.

Hopefully, he was 100% legal and I am 100% wrong. I did see a couple of his reviews and he seemed like a nice enough guy.

Good luck to him in whatever endeavors he pursues.
I believe he is in NY. Legal for medical, but not recreational.


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:rip: RIP Vapelife... I’m going to miss it and the people there that made it so special :cry:

I’ve a great deal of respect for Bud, who always came across to me as a very genuine guy. Sure he made some mistakes, don’t we all, but his heart was most definitely in the right place and he appeared kind and generous to a fault. It’s extremely sad that he’s one of the many that aren’t psychologically suited to (heavy) cannabis consumption, which is the route cause of many of his current issues in my opinion.

I wish him well and hopes that he makes a speedy and successful transition to the next phase in his life, whatever that may be. He will always have a special place in my heart, not only as THE Vape Critic but also as the brains behind the G43, which I’m sure will be referenced by many as a top tier vape for years to come.

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Nothing to apologize for, you were never in the handful of posters I lump in that awkward pile.

...I am sure you will be much more comfortable here...I fixed your post for you...

...I do want to take the space to thank you and Baton 23 for doing the best you could...

...i was still trying to define the parameters of Bud's intent for the board...

...i apologize for any distress my awkwardness has caused...
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I'm a little surprised that G43 is completely kaput. With it being such a popular item, I would think that Bud would try to sell off the licensing to someone willing to continue the project.


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IR that he tighten up moderation some months ago.

eh, not really.

All - I need to stay out of this thread for the most part, I believe. I am far too involved.

I will say that I am rather disappointed in some the dissection of Bud's mental health, personality, business acumen, etc......most of which really wasn't said in quite this way, in the clear, to him when the board was still up.

I will say that a good bit of what I read here is not particularly informed of the facts.

I just don't see where any of this hindsight analysis is doing anyone any good.

But...carry on.
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But...carry on.

Actually, no, don't carry on. This has gone far enough.

I want to remind everyone that Bud's personal life should not be up for discussion here. I don't care what he put online, take that discussion somewhere else. You can talk about the forum and how you'll miss it and whatever, but leave Bud's life and his personal problems out of it. Further posts along these lines will be deleted and might even earn you a warning point.

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It my fault for starting down this avenue of discussion and for that I apologize. I should have said I missed it and just left it at that. I don’t think I’ll be posting anymore


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It my fault for starting down this avenue of discussion and for that I apologize. I should have said I missed it and just left it at that. I don’t think I’ll be posting anymore

Thanks for the apology. I hope you mean that you won't be posting in this thread, not that you won't post at all.

One lesson I wish everyone would learn is that the opinion of strangers on the internet is not something you should take seriously, let alone personally. There few people in your life whose opinion matters to you, and if someone in a forum calls you an asshole, your life will be so much better if you learn to ignore things like that.


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It my fault for starting down this avenue of discussion and for that I apologize. I should have said I missed it and just left it at that. I don’t think I’ll be posting anymore

...or you could just chill...where ya goona go, eh...???...

...this place has a lot of the same things VLF had going for it...

...Bud was afraid stuff like this would happen but what did he expect...???...

...the speculation is natural enough but should be recognized for what it is...

...IMHO we should never go Full Human but try to just be Good Dudes...



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I'm going to miss @VCBud, his reviews and the Vape Life Forum. I was more of a lurker but did participate where I had something to contribute ((72 comments as @JonnyFrontrow). VLF was a nice community that he built and nurtured (along with the help of many here).

I am the proud owner of Bud's Puffco Peak, which he graciously sold at a more than fair price, which is still in use today.

I wish Bud (and Hazel) only the best for their future.


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I think I came across Bud's reviews before I found this place. I particularly recall his review of the Mighty as he was sitting in a car somewhere. Never understood how the dude was able to do so many freakin hits on the thing as he showed his viewers face melting hit by face melting hit what the vape was all about. That's true service to the community. Thanks Bud!


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Bud, I appreciate you brother... your reviews are why I started vaping. I don't give a fuck who paid you what... your reviews helped me more than you'll ever know. Don't be so hard on yourself. We are all big boys and girls. Really... you didn't twist anyone's arm to buy anything.., it's called free will. Take care brother.. i hope you find your way


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I did like the forum and it's really too bad bud is goign through all those things at once. I wish him the best. I was gman there for all the old regulars. I guess most of us will continue on here?
...Hapo's in...


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The Vape Critic will be missed. Bud is unique. He always insisted on purchasing the products that he used in his reviews from me. Many times a review would actually appear without me even knowing he had purchased those parts. Bud's a smart guy and I'm sure he's well on his way with his next endeavor. His impression left on the cannabis vape market will live on for many years to come. Stay lifted sunglass vape critic.


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Do you like your
mighty better than the previous crafty you owned?
The only advantage for me with the Mighty is the battery life. When I had my crafty it had to be charged two or three times a day. Other than that I preferred the Crafty in pretty much every way. I only vape at 2 temps so the thermostat isn’t at all necessary for me. Yup, all about the battery.
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