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yeah... considering the description of the process and the multiplication of layers of washi, I think there is no need to be worried!!
the ink that interests us is protected by at least another layer (perhaps more?) of transparent sheets...

this material is awesome smooth and!

I have the impression of seeing a little more the places where the sheets of paper have been superimposed, connected...
but at the same time...i've spent so much time with my Toad, that i don't think they're more visible over time...rather than x-rayed them too much [i'm not I'm sure Google translate translates this last part, sorry]

another item on the same topic...
my toad had his first two "accidents".
it fell a meter, in its case... nothing to report... apart from a slight acceleration of my heart rate...
the second time... i was way too high... i wanted to dislodge a crumb of weed from the screen near the heating... i shook, blew then shook my toad 3-4 times... until it hit a table... it hit an angle. you could see "something" (I don't know what you could see, but I swear). the sleeve was maybe a nanometer down and it was slightly clearer. I rubbed the way you rub a child's wound... Wolverine effect... there was nothing left! today I don't even know which corner of the toad I attacked!

I'm thinking of something else...
I put my toad upright on the kitchen counter... bad idea... it dragged in a blob of oil and got stained. it was during a discussion with my grandmother so it became a sentimental task...
well, you know what... the toad absorbed the stain and it disappeared (surely helped by my many manipulations and my own "hand grease")...

my only concern would possibly concern the button of the case. by dint of opening and closing it... and reopening it... I tell myself that the wire that holds the button will not hold indefinitely...
maybe it can be done with an even more resistant wire, or with more turn of wire...
but I imagine there is a trade-off between robustness and ease of use. and it's also possible that I'm wrong and that it lasts indefinitely...well, not a big problem...!

otherwise, I was wondering, how do you clean your wooden stems?

and finally....i know dan is drowned out with work...but i would love pics of a naked toad...before the washi pose...

edit: your photos are delicious, @Arawfish
Thank you so much for sharing !!
I love the one with the toad on the rock in the water, and the one in your vehicle... nah... I love them all!

I myself was waiting for an opportune moment to share a link!

where'd you get that little jar from the first pic?! I used to get those at target and loved them but haven't been able to find any since high school. It'd be super nostalgic to have them back
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Shit that looks like some good Jam! No high fructose corn syrup? Sign me up! May have to make a small order because those are indeed nice jars.
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Here we go! Who's gonna be the lucky ent to get this one!
It was me!
I honestly can't express my excitement properly on a forum so I ran around my house 4 times screaming at the top of my lungs
I thought I was gonna be waiting for a toad for a year or more!! I love the color so much! I already paid and all so now the obsessive waiting begins


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I love how this little jam jar has generated excitement and derailed this thread (very slightly)!
it causes a real inner laugh in me, thank you sincerely!!

and so yes, I bought a pack of 3 or 4 at dollarama in Quebec.
it was to replace my jyarz pot while waiting for them to arrive in the container.
but no, it doesn't fit chronologically...
well, with my stuff already in the boat, i bought a jar or two from an asian run store/hardware store.
and so I left them in France and bought some in Canada... you shouldn't have too much trouble finding some...

afterwards I understand very well the "Madeleine de Proust" side but it didn't keep my weed very long... it was quickly dry!

Good research!!!

well and since we are on the subject of containers, I finally found a box that I like to transport my stems!
It's a candy box in ss - bought at Jean Coutu. It would go very well with the Toad Polaroid because it's a not too badly made imitation of a game boy console! There were other designs... that I forgot. I put a layer of silicone baking sheet on one side and it doesn't budge!
it's a little too long (the size of the Toad)... but it gives me the possibility to put a longer stem in it for another vape. and therefore it contains 4 stem. here, the day I need to pre-pack I will be equipped!

I'm trying to get my other vapes back in the rotation right's not easy! I force myself to use them. I'm happy after my sessions, but it's no longer a reflex.

And so I will probably come back to this another day but after testing the high heating for a week... I definitely chose the low heating!

It is very relative and there is something for everyone!
I just prefer sessions with more hits, lower temperatures, enjoying the flavor longer!
To this day, I'm still amazed at how many puffs I can take with one load! Sometimes "I can't take it anymore". and I take my last puffs really so as not to waste. (I'm too crazy to leave my load partially vaporized in my vaporizer).

At the same time, when I need to, I can just preheat longer and I can finish the same load in 3-4 heavier, more roasted hits. The opposite is probably possible with high heating but as my preference is towards low temperatures, I did not see the point of persevering.

And if I fancy a heavier high or a more roasted avb. Well, that's a good excuse to use another vaporizer!

one last note for the road...
right now, when it comes to stems, I alternate between my wooden stem - which I love - and a glass stem with marbles.
for a "long time" I used one of my stems with 9 glass balls... it's very good for cooling the vapor... but it restricts the draw a lot (which doesn't bother me) and above all , it steals quite a few flavors... for the past few days I've been trying with 5 marbles and I feel like it's the right compromise for me... 4 could definitely be enough for most of my puffs!

that's a long prose... sorry!


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As the images are often more telling... here is a photo of the famous box mentioned above.

And I took out the bubbler that I use when I have a cold...

I tried without water and it was a delight...with perfect cooling and quite a lot of flavor! And easy to master!

I tested with water... I didn't pay attention, I preheated too long between two puffs and... obviously took too long a puff...

And I burned like never before. I'm really pissed off...

I dabbed the stem and the body with acetone but after the 1st wash it was still there. I immersed this all night in my jar filled with weed sachets, just to compensate with a good smell...
I'm on my 2nd round of acetone. I also removed and soaked the stem screen this time.
And there I try the currents of fresh air...

I feel like I'm never going to get the original taste back!! it's horrible !
-even though I know it's not true-

A grandmother's remedy to advise ????



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lol why do you only use that bubbler when you have a cold?

I like that tiny ass bubbler a lot; I wish I used them sometimes.

Well I asked myself the same question after my delicious session...
but the session where I burned brought me back to reality!!

I like to be discreet, even at home... I only partially assume my stoner side... I don't have a desktop vaporizer for that...

I don't like adding parts to wash... and I'm too neurotic to leave parts lying around with the smell of avb... (except the stems that I tolerate)

so there you go, it just comes to save me when my throat is too sore to vape!!

but I like this configuration... maybe I'll give it more luck in the future!!

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Finally took my OG Nomad out to play with Toad, getting much better results than I last recall in fact! Phineas stem working well with Nomad and the old high heater inside:

And finally trying a wider inner diameter stem, glass stem from Nomad, with Toad for more proper experience! Going to try the old low heater (on the table) in the Toad next...
Edit to Add: yeah loving low heater in toad!
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