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Discontinued The Sublimator

Bob Loblaw

Totally agree Tweek. I do think that in all intensive purposes it is just a vape that quickly and very thoroughly, extracts the actives into an incredibly smooth vapor.
sorry to be that buy, but the ocd won't let it go.
not sure if this is on purpose, but i've known too many times when it wasn't.
the phrase is "for all intents and purposes".
back in st. loaf we got whipped for such things ;)
not hating, just thought you should know

but yeah, who cares what it's called as long as it does the job!


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HAHAHA and i so am, lol. but you know i'm ur but guy stu ;)

not even gonna edit it :doh:
Yes, Bob. I know you're my butt guy. ;)



Bob Loblaw

Damn you folks are Subbed out

pretty much. two doubles and a nap later..... sorry fellow vapists. forgot which thread i was in ;)

the whole exchange entertained the hell outta the wifey, as well.
i swear my brain auto-corrects reality, sometimes.
thanks for not taking it personally, @NinjaMindTricks, not that it wouldn't have been hard too after all my later mistakes :bang:
i hear ya on the south, i get below mason-dixon and an accent i never had comes back, lol.

@Stu and @Tweek - :cheers:, fellas. thanks for the :whip:, i needed it


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I've got a crock pot going on low with maybe 24 oz water, 22 sticks of butter, and a whole lot of ABV. Time for double deckers.
I wish I had some decent oil so I could do some double deckers, too. :( Maybe it's a good thing, though.... the flowers have me plenty medicated already.... even for a Friday. :nod:



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I decided a while ago that our common vaporizing device wasn't called a sublimator because it was sublimating, but because it is sublime:D.

Also that out of the arguably top three cutting-edge plug-in vapes, the sublimator is the polar opposite of the herbalizer with the evo being in between as far as stealth and safety are concerned.

What would be harder to debate is what is the best vaporizer, I think that all three would qualify but which one would be based upon the individual's need and situation.

This is truly the golden age of vaporizers!


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Was making my sublimator butter and decided to close my eyes for 5 minutes. That 5 minutes turned into 1 hour and 46 minute nap. First thought when I woke up was damn left sublimator on. Next was oh shit butter is cooking and ruined. It was fine just, but done. Had it on low in a crock pot for 5 or 6 hours total. I'd estimate there is a lot of potential sleep in the fridge.

Back to subbing and bed


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Sublimator : Breakfast of Champions!!
Just took a shot of some coconut oil and now hitting the sub. I guess it's part of a complete breakfast as well.:brow:
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For me, nothing is more satisfying than my Sublimator. I took mine apart for a major cleaning the other day and was using my Cloud during the cleaning. Maybe it's the heated atomizer, maybe not but there is something I get from the Sub that other vapes don't deliver. Not to take anything away from other Vapes but the Sub is my favourite by far!!


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I have read the sublimation thread and what I got out of it is that the downstem("atomizer") cannot be physically hotter than the bowl, its impossible.
But Enrico suggests its "super hot" down there, hotter than the bowl. If that were the case, it would be a problem, because small bits that get through the screen would surely combust.
So the added heat afterwords is actually cooler than the initial heat. In which case how much is that heat really doing?
A heated sub bowl works better but the upper bowl is really whats getting hot. not the atomizer.
What exactly is going on with the atomizer? We know the airflow is restricted, so is it adding turbulence? probably. my best guess is that air turbulence is likely all thats happening here.

is it going "beyond vaporization" by all accounts I'd have to say no.
and if it was doing what Enrico suggested it would probably result in combustion.
I will say that I do think that something different is going on with this vape than others, because I can take much bigger hits than I ever could before and barely even feel them in my throat. I do however feel them majorly in effects! Which seem to last much longer to me than my other vapes for the same amount of product. Unless you absolutely hate the Sub I would send it in for repair. Enrico said it was only 40$ for an element repair and $75 for a whole new wand in post #3229 in this thread, and that's after the 2 year warranty. I feel that is one of the cheapest replacement options out there too.

Its a shame Enrico hasnt enlisted the help from an independent 3rd party with a credited background in the field of science whos native language is English to explain the process in layman's terms. I personally believe he has invented something that is unique and in its own class. I dont claim to know whats going on but the results are undeniable, the Sub wrecks even the headiest of heads like no other vaporizer.


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The idea of thermal equilibrium is not exactly new, but it's taken to a whole new level by the sub. Even the cloud has a bit of conduction heating as the ELB sits in the heated glass. This makes the temperature of the load being vaporized go up, perhaps not to the point where it would vaporize without any extra help, but it makes the amount of heat that needs to be transferred to the herb to make it vaporize significantly less, which is what gives the Sub it's flash vaporization capabilities.

Hippie Dickie

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Even the cloud has a bit of conduction heating as the ELB sits in the heated glass

isn't the ELB several inches above the heater that actually heats the glass bamboo? if so, the glass can't be that hot. certainly not as hot as where the herb sits on the screen in the sub. unless the herb is sitting in air, there is going to be some conduction heating in the sub. seems to work pretty well, too.
Hippie Dickie,


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The heated atomizer of the sublimator, and the vortex action, when combined with the heavy-metal heat sinks bakes the herb and conditions the vapor like no other. I think it's the heat sinks that make the most impact, but it's really a three-way party. When these heat sinks are used in combination with the vortex action and then the resulting vapor is re-heated in the atomizer, the final product vapor is made of smaller denser particles than is typical of other vaporizers. Yeah that's about it I think ;)

That's my subbed-out explanation anyways :science:
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