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Discontinued The Sublimator


Well I think im gunna go for it. I'm gettin the campfire kit only and I'm gunna experiment with it. I'm not to keen on buying another plug in unit for it just to stay on too long and hurt the heater or the fact that I NEED power. I think I'll be able to get all the results you guys are having (hopefully). I'll be ordering it next week sometime hopefully. I'll let you guys know how it is. Can't wait to dab and vape at the same time


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The majority of my glass is 18mm but is the 14mm with a bushing the best? I thought I read something about using a glass adapter in between to keep from dropping it onto joints but I don't remember specifically.


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well, that has a male end, and you will need a pretty deep female adapter to put on the end of that. The sub downstem is designed to go into a female stem, and is about 2 1/2" long from where it connects to the glass.
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You need the clip to hold the jar on?

It really looks nice, but I wonder about moving the horizontal part a bit lower? Especially with the launchtube it will make the center of gravity higher, and it's already pretty prone to tipping with the weight of the aab and no water.

But I can see how the removable jar makes for an easy harvest, well done!
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First models are only for 90 degree water tools and are available with either 18mm or 14mm joints. The catch jars on all are 18mm. We wanted to include a keck clip with each one, but the only ones we have are too expensive, Schott brand, to include for free. Any suggestions on high quality, low cost keck clips?

Pricing is still TBD, but anticipating 74.95, there is a lot of labor in each one plus 6 joints including a specialized drip tip in each one.

Will post the product page up soon for them and will also have extra jars available.

Well the price is the price why not add 10$ to the price and add the schott keck clip to it. By the way looks awesome ill take one and the 10$ clip


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I started noticing a drop in my apollo's heating ability. I only pull 56 watts now instead of 61 when I first got it. I have a timer model and try and turn it off as much as possible, but after two months of use it has already decreased 5 watts. I guess I will wait until it drops below my 40 watt spot and send it in to get replaced since it is under warranty.

How many other people are having this problem? I know a few others have mentioned it, I wonder if the titanium version will be better at preventing this.


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Double decker, now on to some fajitas. :rockon:

That looks awesome, PV. :clap:

$75 seems steep to me. But the US dollar is rebounding, so......:rolleyes:


As much as I understand the work that goes into into it and associated costs, I have to agree with Stu here on the steep part. Definitely a luxury purchases for me, if I decide to go for it. At that price, I almost feel I should just save up for the sub tube and whip if it ever becomes available as a separate purchase.


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Take it from somebody with a sub tube and whip, having a reclaimer simplifies everything in regards to harvesting. In fact I would be interested in a reclaimer for the tube if it wasn't for the top-heavy thing.
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First time in over three and a half years that I've gone over 24 hours without any THC whatsoever...

It's surreal.
Ouch! You must feel really high ...

Edit: for those of you that didn't get this (realizing it is a little vague), when one is used to being constantly high, it feels more strange to be not high (ie. being "straight" is more "high" ...)


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Man, this is disturbing to hear about the lowering temp of the heaters. Just got mine, and although I love it, I don't know if I would have paid $500 for a vape that isn't going to last me for at least a good 5 years. Hope it gets sorted out.


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You guys sure it's not your meters that are faulty? Mine is still showing 60 watts at full blast.


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My liquid paper mark is still right on. It varies a bit, but right around that mark. Whenever I try to second-guess it and fine-tune it one way or another because of what the meter says, I always come back to it. Although the temp will creep up if left unused for a few hours.

Bob Loblaw

You guys sure it's not your meters that are faulty? Mine is still showing 60 watts at full blast.
yea, it's for sure.

mine will drop down to 33 for max sometimes and won't get hot enough to combust when that happens. also too cool for good (no residue on heater) oil hits.

i am still holding on to it for now even tho it gets worse every day. i def. have to crank it up to the max and just back off a little to get good dark choc brown abv when it's working optimally.


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I would think that it means one of two things, if it's pretty new still it could be settling down to its true level. But if you've had it a good while running 24/7 most of the time it could be burning out?
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I turn mine only on 30-60mins max. if this things broke im fucked. Im in Pennsylvania, I dont think I can mail the sublinator back have been used
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