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Abysmal Vapor

Saturnine in my mind

"present to you the Advanced Herbal Matter Diffuser, Steampunk Vaporizer!
Made from Black Walnut, Eastern Hard Maple, and Purpleheart woods.
Featuring custom brass etched faceplate, custom "Thin Gypsy Thief" brand logo plate, custom gauge dial, and gold control knob.
The vaporizer also features a removable drawer constructed from Black Walnut and Eastern Maple and lined with black velvet. Rare earth magnets keep the drawer in place while shut.
This custom vaporizer is in perfect working order and has never been used (save to test the heating element and temperature control). This is a non-convection whip-style vaporizer, allowing you to more accurately control the amount of herbal mixture or tobacco that you use during your session.
Also comes with some extra screens and a metal stir stick for poking around with. Vaporizer ships with detailed instructions for safe operation. " @CharlieDontSurf That was such a cool find :) !
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