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Oh No! Mr macbill!!
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Space Kitty Goes Home



I can't take her to the beach for a walk because it bothers you on your vacation, you don't allow me to rent a house if I have a dog, nor can I put it on urban public transport.
However, I can take her to the rubble to look for you after an earthquake, in the forest after you got lost in the mountain and you had no map or GPS; under the snow, because you did a forbidden off-piste; in the water, because despite the red flag, you went swimming when the posted signs said not to. You welcome her when you need her but not when it’s not convenient for you. After all….”it is just a dog”….
Think again people. Dogs are better than most humans, they’re kinder, more loyal, love unconditionally and they appreciate you no matter whether you deserve it or not.
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