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Someone spotted an owl in trouble and luckily they contacted my sister. Was a young barn owl that left the nest too early and ended up in the streets at daytime.
An exhausted, young, lost and helpless chick out in the open during daytime has little to no chance surviving even one day. Fortunately it was spotted by the 'right' person that did the right thing. My sister is known to drop anything else when an animal is in need so one phonecall later she rushed to the rescue!

The poor bird could just be picked up by hand, made no effort escaping whatsoever...
Found like this:

Looked pretty messed up at first:

Some food/water quickly revived the little fellow!
Soon he was climbing the cage like a pro!

She brought it to a shelter for follow up and some extra care before it will be released again!
It's been there a couple of days now and she got word it's doing great!
Good one, sis!!


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My last dog, Nibbles, I got when she was six weeks old. I had to put her down several years ago after she developed a cancerous growth in her neck that would have eventually suffocated her if we let it go to the end. I had that dog for thirteen years.

(here she was with my cat, Lucifer. They were best friends)


Well, it looks like I'm now adopting another pittie. I haven't settled on a name yet, but she is ten weeks old and so cute with her blue eyes:


She reminds me so much of my old dog

The interesting thing is that I suspect that she may be hearing impaired, and possibly fully deaf (she doesn't seem to respond to any sounds). That was not disclosed by the seller, but I've decided to keep her anyway. I know that there are special ways to train hearing impaired dogs to respond to hand signals, and that you have to first find some sort of cue that will tell them to focus on you.

Anyway...does anyone here have any experience working with/training deaf dogs, or know of any educational links/resources that they can point me towards? Thanks in advance for any help.

-------------------------------------- heart is melting. She just fell fully 100% asleep while in the middle of chewing on my fingers. LoLz. It's just too cute!

I think I found my new hiking partner!

And she really appears to like the smell of freshly ground cannabis!
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Oh No! Mr macbill!!
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The word for deaf in Spanish (feminine) is "Sorda". Sounds like "sort of". It's a 'soft' D. The noun for "Spark" (F) is 'Chispa'. Sounds like 'cheese paw': "Sparky" = Chisposa.

Yo soy surdo, sordo, y cerdo (I'm left-handed, deaf, and a pig)
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We had a Brittany Spaniel rescue trained in hand commands and verbal commands. We hired a trainer to teach us to teach him. He was also excellent on leash and I used to run with him several times a week to wear him out to help his separation anxiety. Dog's head never left the side of my knee on or off leash unless I released him. Pure bred hunting dog who would cease to work the second a gun went off. He had other issues but his personality was super sweet. We had him 13 years before having to give him peace.

If we started giving him a command he didn't like he'd turn his head away from us before the command was completed because it gave him an out from complying. My favorite hand command was sit or sit/ could be issued no matter how far away he was as long as he was looking and he was always tracking me. I could issue that command from the street while he was in the yard and he'd stay in that position till I released him.

I miss that dog every time I see a Brittany.....
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