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Please don't go to a pet store, unless it's one of those that cooperates with a local rescue organization. There are thousands of cats (and dogs) at rescue shelters that need homes. Trust me, you will feel much better if you rescue your next companion.
I get your point, Pak, but sadly I won't be bringing anyone home from wherever I go, unless of course it's another 2 legger also there for some freely expressed love who wishes for the lovefest to continue. Odds are not good. No, I am only there as a visitor, not a savior. And it is more for me than for them, tho animals seem to enjoy the encounter as well. And animals in pet stores deserve some love too. They are also more likely to have pups and kittens.

I used to know of a cat sanctuary that was also a coffeehouse where one could spend a couple hours with well socialized cats to get that interactive experience I craved, but they were an early casualty of covid. These days I usually pop by a friends place who has 3 cats. I know nobody with puppies these days, though, and I miss them.


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My wife volunteers as a seal warden at a colony along our coast, she obviously loves it and comes home with some funny stories & pictures about the seals and occasionally stories about stupid humans

EDIT: and here’s a picture of our crazy puppy Arlo crashed out which is the only time he’s able to be photographed

EDIT #2: Sorry guys! Thought this was Pets & Animals and now I’ve fucked the general Picture thread all up. Maybe our sexy mods can move them or they can just stay here because they are still pictures. But I still feel stupid.

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