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It looks like the black panther still had its front claws and yet every time I saw the panther play stalking and then lunging at the mastiff those claws never hurt the mastiff. Amazing! Especially since it was a baby in that video and might have to override it's own natural extension of those claws mid-lunge.

It's all good until a domesticated wild animal reaches puberty and then you find out what you're really working with. Not saying bad things always happen.

I also thought a pure wolf that wasn't at least a second generation domestic wasn't a good candidate for 'a pet' and even second generation can be a risk.

There is a hybrid owner (wolf-dog) who lived along a running path I frequented.....One run I rounded a corner and was surprised to come within 10 feet of a hybrid who was walking a young lady in her teens. I said that right....the hybrid's head was as tall as the girl's and as far as I'm concerned he was walking her and not the other way around. In less than a second of slow motion...I saw that the girl was startled which I thought wasn't good for me and the hybrid barked once but wasn't taking an aggressive stance so I just continued on the same running pace as calmly as I could as I gave them a wide berth. At no time did I look directly into the eyes of either the girl or the hybrid. I didn't turn around to see where they were until I was a good 20 yards down the road hoping the hybrid wasn't dragging her to get me or worse yet....that she wasn't still holding that leash. Thankfully they must have turned onto the corner I rounded. Days later I found out that a horse farm close by was where the hybrid lived. It was a combination of some kind of large shepherd and a hybrid. I never saw a canine that on all fours was the same height as me. Beautiful and scary as fuck.
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