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@Vitolo - Is that a pure bred German Shepherd? Sure looks like it.

I love dogs and German Shepherds in particular. I rarely see them with the full blown bone structure and musculature like that. Gorgeous!
Yes... he is pure bred....
and has a straight back, as they breed them in Germany. Before Americans began to breed in the slanted back, for show... but it causes Dysplasia of hips.
He weighs in at 100 pounds and 7 ounces.
He does have great muscle strength.
When I first got him, before training him..... if he would see someone suspicious,.. or a cat...
He could pull me on my knees a good 10 feet before I gained control.
Now he is trained, and he is great on the leash.
Very loyal, and he is very loved!


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Ozzy sure looks cute :love: . But looks are deceiving ! His main interests are food, and creating havoc. He gets into trouble constantly, eats the other kitty's food and terrorizes her. Then he'll eat the dog's food. :rofl:

IMG_4521.JPG IMG_4604.JPG

Ginger kitty is 19 years old :myday: . She does not suffer the foolish ! Her main interests are dodging Ozzy ! She is a very solitary kitty, she loves me cause I feed her , Otherwise I would just be another notch on her blades :lol: . Ginger is very elusive kitty, Ozzy is twice her size and she has no problems mixing it up with him :nod: .
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