The NEO by Prrl Labs

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Yes I have the Ember but I didn't use it a lot, I lost the pipe somewhere with all the vaping accessories I have accumulated over time but I must find it and play with it before the Neo arrive. It's been so long I have used it I don't even remember what it was like. I need to do a clean up anyway so I'm sure I'll find it pretty soon.


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is it 50% off $99, or is $99 after the discount?
original price is 199, so 50% to 99.50 for first 50, then drops 40%.

Now down to 8. I honestly expected the first 50 to fly out the door.

I have high hopes for the Neo. I think people may be missing out...

And $99 after the discount (if you get in the 1st 50 batch).

I thought it would be gone in seconds, but still going after an hour.
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