Discontinued The Lotus Vaporizer


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Shouldn't it be possible to just unscrew the cap, rotate it a few degrees and drill new holes?
I will try it! I don't have a driller only a screwdriver in this size but I'll try something!

Otherwise I'll try some wood glue, thanks!


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Never tried with anything this small or delicate, but in larger applications, I’ve had luck just using the next size up screw in the same hole.

Making a filler seems more elegant.


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Find the difference... Well, it works well for now.... Last plate I hope it will last!


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So big thanks to the user Grey Area, it's because of them I now have a Lotus! Had it just under a week now maybe, so full thoughts to come soon, but really liking it so far.
Gotta admire the courage of someone who can part with a Lotus! But one man gathers what another man spills, and happily so!

Powerful desktop vapes are wonderful, but there's something special about these classic, handcrafted manual vapes, many of which suffer no shortage of power once you begin to unlock their mysteries.

The Lotus really is one of the best!
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