The ethnobotanical thread

Acolyte of Zinglon

here it is, ive been compiling it over the past couple of days in a bookmark folder, in the form of links to the wikipedia articles on the plants, not all of them are vapeable, but i made a point of getting as many vapeable herbs as possible in here
this was inspired by cannabud's post on mixing mullein with his weed ;)

Moth Mullein:
Moth mullein is known to be psychoactive, and is featured in many popular herbal blends, along with blue lotus

Hops: (confirmed SpiralArchitect) Very much vapeable, has resin glands like cannabis and similar flavor-giving terpenoids

Wild Dagga: (Confirmed, General consensus)
It is usually smoked or taken as a tea, i havent heard very much about vapeing it though, needs experimentation

Blue Lotus: (confirmed SpiralArchitect)
Confirmed vapeable, it is a primary component in many smoking blends and can also be used as a tea

Salvia: (confirmed AoZ)
Can be vaporized in some units, with patience and practice, it is not absorbed by the lining of the stomache, but can be done sublingually
for more information, or to contribute information about vaporizing salvia, please refer to this thread

There is evidence that the tea has a sedative and antidepressant effect, and a few reports of smoked activity, however, what ive heard of it being smoked is just a "short maijuana-like high) which could be attributed to just the act of inhaling smoke by the non-vaporist

Wormwood, Absinthe: (Confirmed, General consensus)
I have heard ov vapeing it, usually it is used as a tincture, and it potentiates the alcohol and gives some unique effects of its own

It is said to have some alkaloids that act on the benzodiazepine receptors, creating an anxiolytic effect, most evidence points to use as a tea, though it is included in some smoking mixes

Inebriating mint, Lagochilius Inebriens:
A member from the mint family, and endangered species from turkey, very little is known

Valerian: (Confirmed, General consensus)
A sedative plant usually used as a tea as a sleep aide

Kratom: (Confirmed, General consensus)
Effects can be stimulating and or sedating depending on the dosage it works on the mu opiod receptr and its effects have been describes as a combination of opiate and caffiene effects, best taken as a tea, may be possbile to vape, vapeing needs confirmation

Opium Poppy: (Confirmed, General Consensus)
This plant is a grey area, as far as LEO's are involved, if there is evidence of harvesting the pods or lancing for opium, you can get busted... i would just grow in the back yard among other flowers. this one can be used as pod tea, smoked opium, freebased opium, or vaped pod putty/opium

Morning glory: (confirmed AoZ)
The effects are similar to lsd, but much less visual, it is more of a mental trip than anything else. also unlike lsd it acts as a sedative
best taken as a cold water extraction, with a third of a shot of alcohol and some mint oil added after the seed mush is strained, then wait 30 minutes and drink

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, Argyrea Nervosa: (confirmed AoZ)
similar to morning glories, but much more sedative and there is an extremely awesome body high as well, but its more like being stoned and less of a trip IME
best taken as a cold water extraction, with a third of a shot of alcohol and some mint oil added after the seed mush is strained, then wait 30 minutes and drink

Ololiuqui: (Confirmed, General consensus)
These have a similaar alkaloid profile to morning glories, i would expect a similar experience
best taken as a cold water extraction, with a third of a shot of alcohol and some mint oil added after the seed mush is strained, then wait 30 minutes and drink

Sinicuichi, Sun Opener:
This one is active somehow, but the reports ive read vary so wildly that i really cant confirm much
it is most oftn taken as a fermented tea

Yohimbe: (Confirmed, General consensus)
The onlyplant known in the Phamacopia as an aphrodisiac, its effects are stimulant, and it intensifies sexual activity, it is usually taken as an extract or just ground up bark powder, i have heard of it being smoked before

Dream Herb:
Usually taken as a tea or smoked, it is said to create extremely vivid and sometimes lucid dreams if taken before bedtime

Damiana, Turnera Diffusa:
from wikipedia: Damiana today is conventionally made into a tea, although smoking it alone or blended with Cannabis or other herbs is also commonplace. In herbal medicine, damiana is used to treat conditions ranging from coughs to constipation to depression. The herbal supplement is reputed to help with energy, emphysema, low estrogen, frigidity, hot flashes, impotency, infertility, menopause, Parkinson's disease, PMS, inflammation of prostate, Lou Gehrig's disease, and more dealing with reproductive organs in both males and females.

Kava Kava: (confirmed SpiralArchitect)
Said to be an axiolytic and mild intoxicant, usually taken orally as a tea or extract

Verbana, Vervain:
Usually used as a tea, acts as an anxiolytic and a mild sedative

Catnip, Catmint:
Has mild sedative effects on humans, but not nearly as strong as the effects it has on cats. it is taken as a tea most of the time and also has a history of being smoked. it is most likely vapeable

Indian Tobacco:
Not much is known, it is usually smoked, and probably vapeable

Wild lettuce, Lettuce Opium: (confirmed, Cannabudz)
A relatively common plant, when the stem is broken, it oozes out a latex which can be dried and smoked, it resembles opium and is reported to be a sedative

Toadstool, Amanita Muscaria: (Confirmed, General consensus)
A well known psychoactive mushroom, it contains muscimol, which is its primary active ingredient. the efects of amanita muscaria are described as psychedelic and dissociative
Amanita muscaria technically is vapable, but the amount required to get a good dose is too large to fit

Mexican Prickly Poppy:
this poppy, while not an opium poppy, has psychoactive components in its pod latex, it is collected in much the same way as opium, but it it only reported to act as a mild sedative

Betel Nut:
The betel nut is known to be a mild stimulant much like caffeine, but is also reportrd to be addictive. typically the nut is chewed with some leaf from the plant, and is known to cause heightened alertness and vasoconstriction

Datura: (Confirmed, General consensus)
Member of the Solanacae family, which contains Brugmansia, Beladonna, and Tobacco. Datura is known as a "deleriant" with very vivid hallucinations at higher doses, which seem to be real to the person. Datura is well known to be toxic and great care must be taken while handling and dosing with it.

Gingko Biloba: (confirmed General Consensus)
The most popular herbal supplement in the western world, Gingko Biloba is known for its vasodilatory and nootropic effects

Yellow Horn Poppy:
this is another poppy with psychoactive principles in its latex, the latex is collected in the standard way, and when smoked it is reported as a mild sedative

Nutmeg: (Confirmed, General consensus)
nutmeg is a well known culinary spice, but is also psychoactive in larger quantities. it has been reported to be a deliriant at very high doses, but at lower doses, many users report it to be "like a heavy hash high"
one note, if you intend to do nutmeg, do not buy the preground, you want whole nutmeg because the active principles havent been exposed to air and been given time to oxidize. groun nutmeg is known to cause a worse body load than regular nutmeg does

Rustic Tobacco, Mapacho Tobacco: (confirmed General Consensus)
this is much the same as tobacco, except that it is about 20x stronger and has more entheogenic effects due o some beta carbolines that commercial tobacco lacks
Nicotiana Rustica will vape up real nicely, i want to get an ounce or two for myself :2c:

snakeroot is one of the 50 fundamental herbs of chinese medicine. it is known as a sedative and antipsychotic, an indole alkaloid called reserpine is thought to be the prrimary active ingrediant

African Dream Root:
Silene Capensis is an oneirogen that originates from africa. much like calea zacatechichi (which is in the same class of drugs) it will produce very vivid if not lucid dreams if consumed before sleep

San Pedro Cactus: (Confirmed, General consensus)
a columnar, quick growth cactus that contains mescaline and related phenethylamines. a dose is generally considered to be 12-18 inches, and it can be eaten straight (not reccomended), brewed into a tea (the most popular method) extracted with isopropanol then put into gelcaps, or extracted using an acid base technique to yield mescaline crystal
the trichocereus family also contains a very potent antibiotic named hordenine, which is effective even against bacteria that has developed a resistance to pennicilin and other standard antibiotics

Achuma Cactus: (Confirmed, General consensus)
a close relative, trichocereus bridesii is much like the san pedro, except that it is widely purported to be more potent, and has a slightly different alkaloid profile that is closer to peyote tha san pedro is

Trichocereus Macrogonus (confirmed, General Consensus)
another active trichocereus, it is the least widely used

Indian Ginseng:
a member of the solonacae family, withania somnifera is used as a general adaptogen, and is a common herb in ayurvedic medicine, used to generally increase health

Indian Warrior:
a well known herb, it wa first used by native americans, they sometimes smoked it before battle and it would make them fearless
it is known as a muscle relaxer and a tranquilizer, and is featured in many popular herbal blends

Calamus: (confirmed SpiralArchitect)
Calamus is reported to be a mild stimulant, and in larger doses it can become entheogenic
it is also neuroprotective againt strokes

Ayahuasca and Ayalogue components:
these are some of the common plants used to make ayahuasca and ayalouge.
ayahuasca and ayalouge, while they are the same basic thing, are not the same. ayahuasca as it is defined culturally referrs to the banisteriopsis vine, and usually also contains psychotria viridis or diploptreys cabrerana, among other traditional plants including tobacco, brugmansia
many people refer to brews made with syrian rue and mimosa hostilis as "ayahuasca" but it is simply not, as there is no ayahuasca in the brew at all, for these brews with a non-traditional maoi, a wise man on the shroomery coined the term "ayalogue" which is literally and politically correct, aya mean soul and husca means vine, therefore ayahuasca is the soul vine, ayalogue does not contain the vine, but it still has the soul
make any sense?

Mimosa Hostilis: (Confirmed, General consensus)

Caapi, Yage, Ayahusca: (Confirmed, General consensus)

Chacruna: (Confirmed, General consensus)

Chaliponga: (Confirmed, General consensus)

Syrian rue: (Confirmed, General consensus)

Shortspike Canarygrass: (confirmed General consensus)


? & beyond
I'm not jonesin', buds are bountiful, I just want to get my moneys worth and try using my vaporizer for more than just cannabis. That and being a serious psychonaut a vaporizer allows me to use psychedelic tools I otherwise might not be able to use in exploring my inner psyche.

Have you tried any of these Acolyte of Zion, if so, what did you think of the experience?

Acolyte of Zinglon

you can most likely find them by googling them, theyre mostly all legal and you can order them without worry (only illegal one up there is opium poppies, but theyre a grey area... you can still get pods on ebay to make poppy pod tea.. mmmm morphine :D )
vtac, cannabis is a given, lol, i was looking at the more obscure, but legal, herbs

prolly one of the most vape friendly herbs up there is hops, its a close relative of cannabis, and had lupulene, which is mildly psychoactive, i usually prefer to keep my cannabis use to the weekends, so having a variety of ethnos to vape curing the week would be a pretty good deal


Glass Blower
the obscurest herb to be legit is by far the Salvia Divinorum nothing legal that I have try in the pase is near that ,and No , you can't vap it cause Salvorine A need heat to be active so more heat = more buzz

Acolyte of Zinglon

actually i have heard some successful reports of vaping salvia out of a vapor cannon
heres the link
its was a breakthrough dose 1/4 bowl of PLAIN LEAF, wihch leads me to believe that the combustion temps thhat people use to smoke it are way too high and are destroying a lot of the salvinorin, as well as the smoke itsself interfereing with the lungs capability to absorb it, salvinorins boiling point is 240-260c, its a bit higher than the extreme goes and one of the reasons ive chosen the ssv as my first vape

when i get a ssv, the herbs im definately getting are hops, leonitis leonurus, blue lotus, salvia divinorum, verbascum blattaria (thats the mullein), and maybe some passiflora and scullcap
thats my short list right there... the ones i know for a fact are psychoactive and would work in a vape

ill get separate whips for my bud and my other herbs in the interest of making pure wand hash without worrying about breaking through from salvinorin :ninja:


? & beyond
I've done Salvia (and extracts) many times, always through a bong. I've read varying reports on vaporizing, but couldnt you just turn it up a bit in order to get more heat=more buzz?

Basically on whim last night I got some Calamus, Blue Lotus and a big ol' bag of Hops. We'll see how these go... :) It was cheap and I have a lot so it gives me some room to experiment :D

Amanitas grow in abundance naturally here, I'm keeping my eyes peeled -- it's almost the season. I've done kratom several times and always found it extremely enjoyable but I always ate it and never smoked it/vaped it.

Acolyte of Zinglon

i was reading through that shroomery thread again, down the page thee was a guy who got pretty strong but sub breakthrough effects by loading plain leaf into his vaporgenie

vaporgenie makes sense because you can get right up against combustion temps with it, so for those with an extreme maybe you should try the vg with salvia, keep it from combusting but keep it hot, this guy was so pleased that after the experience was over he had to open up the vg and make sure it wasnt some crazy extract he loaded in there

but i gotta go to school now, so ill be back later this afternoon
Acolyte of Zinglon,


? & beyond
Well, I have a Vaporwarez and it gets up to combustion temperatures. I'm not sure but I think the place I ordered my stuff from gives me a free gram or so of Salvia extract. :)


Glass Blower
dont care , first by burning thing in your vap you'll have to clean it between each use if you want to get a decent taste and 2, I burn my salvia with a hand torch and this work defenetly better than with a normal lighter soo burning sd with your vap will just leave your vap dirty and give you a an uneficient buzz IMO

if you want info on psychoactive plant this is the place :


vapor junkie
Staff member
CD are you against vaporizing for salvia? :o

Lol yeah, it's gonna stink up your vape and probably not as strong as smoking it, but we are vapor pioneers! Well, these guys are. ;)

Acolyte of Zinglon

ya man, you dont have to burn salvia, the vaporization temp of salvinorin is still below the combustion temperatures, its about 250 degrees celcius, its a bit hotter than you use for cannabis, but its still sub-combustion

if i were someone trying to experiment, id start where i normally vape weed then keep bumping it up little by little and experimenting to find that sweet spot on the dial

and thats also why i said im going to have a separate whip for the other herbs, and maybe just use one for weed and hops (hops have similar flavor-giving terpenes to cannabis, and its supposed to b pretty tasty), so i wont have to freak out if i accidentally combust anything whilst finding the sweetspot
Acolyte of Zinglon,

Acolyte of Zinglon

ok i think the next logical step for this thread is for those witih personal experience with any of these plants to confirm their activity (even if its mild) and i will put "(confirmed)" by them in the list

what would be great is a general discussion of the plants and their effects, ill add my personal confirmations to the list,


? & beyond
I can confirm Hops, Blue Lotus, Kava Kava and Calamus root are all enjoyable. The first 2 in the vaporizer work wonderful, I load up my wand a quarter of an inch with weed, pack it , then put in a good portion of BL/Hops (either/or, sometimes both). I've tried vaping at all kinds of tempatures but I prefer about 1-2 o'clock on my Vapor Warez. The tastes are enjoyable, and BL is actually decent to smoke in a bong, it gives a fruity flavor to the smoke. :)

The Kava Kava I thoroughly enjoy. It's a very slight buzz but it could be from using lower doses. I may try a heroic dose this weekend.

Same with the Calamus root. It's effects are hard to describe, but having my internal spirit energy 'synced up' seems to work. :lol: Really though, I plan on eating more than 3 inches (I had half an inch to test it out the other day and still felt effects) sometime soon to see what it's all about.


apprentice shaman
just read peyote is an antidote to Datura Poisoning, fuck i love the net, I just ordered two live tricho's(one bridgesii :) ) and some trichocereus seed's today , they are so interesting, medicine there too.

It may take a while for confirmation Acolyte, but you can bet i will. :science: Independantly done , no reacreation here folks, no need for alarm M"am :tup:

Acolyte of Zinglon

ehh i have enough secondhand info on some of these to confirm them, i just hadnt thought of it, i prefer to confirm based on personal experience, but some of them are just so well known its moot waiting for someone to come in here and confirm what so many people already know so it will read (confirmed, general consensus)
of you want to submit confirmations like this please post your info and several sources, erowid experiences arent all very valuable as a primary source though, so keep that in mind

can you confirm the first one? thats the mullien

oh and can you confirm the lettuce opium?

it also occurrs to me that i should put up some common names so that those that have tried them and are able to confirm, can recognise them... i get too wrapped up in my brains to consider that most people wont recognise the latin names of most of these :doh:
Acolyte of Zinglon,


lurking kiwi
I bought a gram of a herbal blend called 'Dream' by LondonUnderground and vapped around 300mgs and it has given me a nice glow.

The hits were small and tasted like garden herbs so the delivery process wasn't anywhere near as enjoyable as far as taste and hit size goes but shit I have got a buzz on. heavy eyes ... a definte head high that mimics MJ quite nicely. I can see me using this during dry periods.

btw - I had a wake n bake this morning so I still had a MJ cloudy humm on and the dream buzz is strong enough to have lifted me up again :cool:


lurking kiwi
Here are the herbs listed by the maker of Dream

Dream contains a combination of plants and aromatic extracts but has been trailed and tested to have a better after taste then Spice these extracts including:

Baybean - Canavalia maritima
Smoked on the Gulf Coast of Mexico as Marijuana substitute. Seeds have been found in royal grave sites in the Yucatan and Peru dating from 300 B.C. to A.D. 900.

Blue Lotus - Nymphaea caerulea & Nymphaea alba
Worshipped by ancient Egyptians as a symbol for the origins of life. The flowers were known for their visionary and inebriating effects. White Lotus was successfully used as an anesthetic in WWI when the more traditional opiate anesthetic wasn't available.

Dwarf scullcap - Scuttelaria nana
Scullcap is well-known among the Cherokee and other Native American tribes
as a sedative and excellent treatment for anxiety and insomnia. It has been known to cause giddiness when large amounts are ingested.

Indian Warrior - Pedicularis densiflora
At least one Native American tribe is known to smoke the flowers of certain Pedicularis species for their narcotic effects. Pedicularis densiflora is One of the most rare and potent species of Pedicularis. It has been used for many years as an aphrodisiac, muscle relaxer and strong sedative. More potent than any other herb of its kind.

Lion's Tail - Leonotis leonurus
Used by the Xhosa and Hottentot tribes of South Africa for inebriant and euphoric effects.

Maconha Brava - Zornia latifolia
Dried leaves smoked by Indians in Brazil as a visionary aide. The vernacular name Maconha Brava means "false Marijuana".

Pink Lotus - Nelumbo nucifera
Possesses great significance in Eastern religion. Indians believe that Brahma, creator and God of the universe, sprang from a lotus blossom. Pink Lotus was often smoked or made into a tea to create a mystical feeling of joy that permeated the mind and body.

Siberian Motherwort - Leonurus sibiricus
Used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years under the name Yi Mu Cao.
Also commonly used in Brazil and Chiapas as a substitute for another popular smoking herb giving it the nick name "Little Marijuana".

Acolyte of Zinglon

yes, all of those are on the list, but unfortunately the blends arent really a good way to see if the individual plants are active, and you never know if they added something extra, i will however start a smoking blend section, though ppl will have to submit the smoking blends theyve tried as i cant be bothered to look up all the names

and i will add an additional level of confirmation, whether the herbs are vapeable, can only be smoked, or are best taken as teas

i will also get started on adding the common names today
Acolyte of Zinglon,


lurking kiwi
But its the combination of the herbs and extracts that creates the MJ like high. On there own most of these herbs will do little than give you a small head high and prolly a headache. Even highly potent single herb extracts have proved to be less than potent ;) although it seems different people can react to them in different ways.

They say that the combination of all the above herbs synegize with each other ... potentiating each of the herbs phycoactive properties.

This is the third different blend I have tried ... all have contained the same herbs but the levels of extracts and quantity of each herb is unknown.

But one thing is for sure ... after years of crappy 'legal' buds from International Oddities and the like there are finally legal herbal blends that can produce and very MJ like high. They are definitly NOT plecebos.

Acolyte of Zinglon

exactly, the point of this post is so that people can see whats active and create their own "herbal blends" rather than having to buy overpriced, commercialized crap, and with a bit of tweaking you can make your own super vape blend, buy buying and extracting individual herbs that synergise

to me right now hops and blue lotus seem to be the most promising on their own
Acolyte of Zinglon,
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