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Is there any quart nectar collectors with a similar shaped head? To me that is certainly a benefit of the Warhead. Seems less prone to suck up concentrate and clog up vs a standard nectar collector with the multiple intake holes on the side and a nice surface to heat and touch the concentrates with.

Combine that with a well designed dab dish, and added durability over quartz. I dont expect this to be my at home concentrate device. I like to do cold start banger dabs at home. I see this being more of a portable and durable option that i could use in my car before going into an event or movie.


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Finally got my Warhead, and wow. Just a great design, and got a really lovely clean hit on it last night. So many lovely design elements.

Love that the tip is threaded, as I think that will really facilitate cleaning. Makes the other part just a tube that you can use pipe cleaners with if needed. And then I think you could also torch off gunk in the tip from the inside if needed too.


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Hello all. I just got a shortex yesterday and really like it. Is there a big different between the high flow intercooler and the standard? Sorry if its already been asked
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