SICC (Stealth Induction Cup Clone)

Hello all,

I'm new to using a dynavap and have recently discovered the world of induction heating. After reading the entire half pint thread and seeing some cool builds, I decided to make a clone of the 'Stealth Induction Cup'. I like the form factor along with the durability aspect, the stealth part does not add a lot for me... but it is usually good to draw less attention. So the SICC was born!


Planning a 3S 18650 setup for power with a 15A BMS and building a version of the half pint for the inductor circuit. No MOSFET board, but using the half pint 'on switch method' as described by Tommy Dee. Still waiting on the BMS and need to get some batteries, but I started in today by mounting the power switch and power input jack. First, I marked the centers for the holes and then used a drill press to drill pilot holes, before switching to a step drill bit and enlarging the holes.


Next up, I need to build the half pint circuit, design and 3D print an internal structure to mount the battery packs, and wire it all up! The entire unit will be mounted to the lid so it can be unscrewed and removed from the cup. The batteries will be easily accessible for replacement or external recharging. Stay tuned!

Today I stripped the through hole components from the mini ZVS board, unwound and rewound the work coil, and played around a bit with component placement. I think I have found a workable solution.

I decided to get the electronics in the cap squared away before any 3D design or printing - because I need to know how much space I have to work with.

When I make things, I like to play around a LOT with the parts, holding them and rearranging them, looking at them from different angles, and try to picture how things will wire together. It's always a bit more risky with MOSFETs... One stray static shock and it's dead.

Thanks a lot!

This looks promising, any updates?
Unfortunately, not much to report. I started this project as my first induction heater and realized I jumped in too fast, too deep. I started tinkering with wall powered induction heaters in the meantime. I have posted my other heaters and designs on r/inductionheaters if you're interested in checking them out... Over there my handle is null_gull.

But I'm glad you brought this up, I pulled out the parts for this project and realized I have a perfect glass cylinder to use instead of the 18mm adapter. I think I'll take this off the bench soon and see if I can finish it. I'll update when I do. :)


Thanks for the reply, and good to know you are still active. Already saw your stuff on reddit, but obv. didn't know there was a connection. I recently started to tinker with the ZVS modules myself, and currently grinding my gears about battery operation, that is why I am specifically interested in this build...

Got it going quite well with a mains adapter, but since I do about half of my consumption on the evening walk with the dog that doesn't really help me. Torch is not really useful while walking and holding the leash in one hand, or if there is the slightest wind going on...
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