Salt Pipe Vaporizing /Vaping trough salt

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I think some of you might be familiar with the Salt Pipe concept,if not you can do a research online,but basicle thet are pocelain vessels with a sack of salt crystal inside and when you inhale trough it small salt particles end in your respiratory system ,iit simulates the near sea saline air experience. They are great to aid colds and some other problems. So here i thought why not combine it with vaporizing ?
All you need is a J-hook,or a small simple bubbler fill it with Himalayan salt crystals or whatever you desire and vape trough that.
If you wanna go more complex,you can get an adapter,carbon adapter, ashcatcher. For now this is just an idea,but i am going to post part lists and possible solutions at one point . Here is a basic concept of a salt pipe,but we dont need blowback protection and shit. Gonna keep things down to all glass,probably a pipe screen which can be glass or metal.

A carbon adapter.

Fun fact would be that you could use the salt for foodflavoring at some point :D.. Also i imagine salt might also have a cooling effect like glass beads ?!


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Ehhh I get enough salt by living a 5 min drive from the water. It sure doesn't seem to help with colds based on how often I get them :freak:
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