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I'm curious, but the manufacturer's page that the OP linked to lists no real tech specs about the product. It would be nice to know what's inside.


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I would consider a purchase, but I want to see some independent reviews and see which vape store sells it.
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on the same page: "we realized that no one was going to produce a vape “For Smokers By Smokers”. So that’s what we’ve done."

I can't!! :rofl:a vape FOR *smokers*, BY *smokers*! :razz:
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Hey all - I heard back from Ryot and here is what they said about airpath/materials:

“The intake air passes over food-grade silicone before entering the oven chamber. The air/vapor path is a direct path from the oven chamber through the mouthpiece (isolated from the battery). The mouthpiece is made of aluminum (bottom) and polycarbonate (top) and contains 2 stainless steel screens which vapor passes over.

The temperature range is from 330°F to 420°F and the capacity of the oven chamber is 1.32cm3 / .08in3 (approximately a quarter teaspoon).”


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Looks like another bog standard conduction vape with a top oven and MP right above.

Not saying that's completely bad or anything, just what it looks like to me absent any other info.

For the right price, for long battery life, probably might be a very good pass around at the field party type vape.

But I don't see it fitting in a niche of mine.


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A friend of mine had a Verb down at the beach and I thought it was awesome. Things I liked about it was it felt great in hand, is super easy to directly scoop or pour into the chamber and the air-intake can work just like a carb for great rips, plus the chamber is much bigger than any other pocket vapes. And the mouthpiece also stayed cool. My Pax burns my lips and though pocketable, the bowl is also small and I don't love the bottom load. I've bought most major portable vapes because I love the idea, though RYOT may have hit a sweet spot. It's a cool company that's been making smoke gear for awhile and generally dig their products. I've gone through Pax, APX and Firefly, Arizer and DaVinci vapes, but all have either been shelved b/c usually some function failure I don't want to deal with anymore. I saw RYOT had a deal on IG(MYRYOTCODE for 20% off), so I bought a Verb and a bunch of other stuff on their site. Super stoked for it!! Will post some pics when it gets here:clap::leaf::sherlock:
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I got my RYOT Verb, "Slim" case, Kannastor GR8TR grinder and wooden/glass one-hitter. It all works really well together and I love the whole package. Everything feels quality and hard to put my finger on why, but the Verb tastes and hits better than any truly pocketable vape I've had. And it feels awesome. Found a Pax to compare bowl size and design. The pax has airflow only on the sides and is wide where the Verb pulls air straight through the bottom into a larger but narrower oven. I think this provides more wall area in the oven that heats the herbs, providing better exposure to the heat. Also, Verb has a funnel shaped loading area compared to the squared ledges in the Pax so everything falls into the oven. The Pax overall is a bit smaller, but the Verb is still very much pocketable. The Verb's top load intake also can function like a carburator on a pipe which is really pretty cool. I grind my herbs, put them into the lined pouch and then just pour out of the pouch into the vape to load or scoop directly out of the grinder base. As with every vape I've ever owned, batteries die on you sometimes, so I like to always have a one-hitter which is killer the case secures everything. Overall Score = DIG:rockon::sherlock:


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