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We are very excited to have recently launched Lifted, a new online retail boutique that caters to the connoisseurs who are only looking for the best products.
We specialize in functional glass art, vaporizers, and luxury smoking supplies and since we are located in Canada, Americans have been saving $$$ from buying from us.
Please have a look at our site at, we have a nice selection of the best quality vaporizers on the market.
We welcome any and all feedback and we plan on actively using this forum to provide you guys with deals on the best quality vaporizers at prices you can afford.

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Hey guys, I thought you would like to know that we now have the totally awesome and exclusive
Glass Mouthpiece and Water Tool Adapter for the Storm Vaporizer Pen!


These pieces not only deliver better flavour, but they also allow for much better airflow, turning the Storm into a Pinnacle-Pro style cloud monster! These pieces are exclusive to the Storm brand, and are currently only available at Vapefiend!

The Storm and all accessories are available with a massive 15% discount if you enter the coupon code STORM when checking out.

Take a look at


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As many of you know, Slide4less Inc was the original North American importer and distributor of the Volcano Vaporizer and of the miniVAP vaporizer. Many companies have come and gone while Slide4less still maintains extensive low cost distribution. is affiliated with Slide4less Inc. Slide4less is mostly wholesale, but does make some products available for retail as well. We are going to offer some better retail deals than ever before on AVD, and we’re in the process of upgrading AVD so that nobody has the extensive array of Storz and Bickel and miniVAP products that we offer. In celebration of this we are offering a 10% discount for FC members at for the next few weeks. Use code BITCHIN.

The advantage of dealing with us is that we've been around because we're up front in disclosing our importing, distribution, location, phone numbers, and guarantees etc. And that’s because we don’t have anything to hide and we maintain discretion while also delivering a superior degree of reliability for customers. We have decided to upgrade the process with so that we are offering more options for retail customers.

We are one of the oldest, maybe the oldest, distributor in the business, but we have always maintained a safety first approach. The Volcano offered a better approach vs smoking. We stick with it, still believe it, and have been consistent with it also.


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Actually it is 20% not 10% so that's code BITCHIN at So, for a super duper limited time, for example, you could get a miniVAP for 20% off. But that would only be until this deal comes off, which is in about 3 weeks.


Plus we have a bunch of other high quality stuff that will be on sale through the beginning of summer. It's the memorial day sale that we run every year except we have bigger discount on FC for a limited time. We keep more miniVAP and SB stuff in stock all the time. We will also be posting a new deals section where we are going to post deals that offer some quality vapes at up to 50% off or More! We test vapes and we get returns from all over Nor Cal so we'll be posting that soon.

Check out the deals we have today and then we'll be posting some more super outrageous closeouts almost every day for about a month or so. Many of these vaporizers will be more than 50% off and remember that a lot of the good stuff is 20% off right now. Also remember that we have medical discounts in some states.

JUNE REBATES will be offering
10% off all vaporizers (excluding Storz & Bickel),
code: getvaped
15% off all glass
code: getglassed
20% off all of our supplies
code: getsupplied -
throughout the month of June!

we are also giving away a free Shine 24K Gold rolling paper with every order, and double your loyalty points that can be used towards future purchases.

The Canadian dollar has never been so low.
90% of our customers are from the US taking advantage of the exchange. Don't miss out!
And if the product you want is still cheaper on another site, we will match their price and give you a gift for the trouble.


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Hello FC Community

Make sure to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather this summer but don't leave your vape behind!

Now carrying the top portable and desktop vaporizer brands to accompany you on all of your travels.

Visit today and find the vaporizer that fits your lifestyle!

For an additional 15% OFF on our entire selection Use PROMO CODE: SUMMERVAPE

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Hey, gang!

If you're thinking about an Evo, I've got the deal for you. I can't post the pricing, but you can get an Evo, HT (circ, turbine or tree) 2 elb's and a vxnail for an incredible package price without any coupons, etc. These units are brand new, fully warrantied and come straight from the manufacturer.

Shoot me a private message or email to get going...

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Hey FC! Vapefiend here!

DABSTORM, our ceramic variable voltage dab pen, with its awesome ceramic donut atomizer and glass mouthpiece
delivers truly excellent flavoursome hits from your oils and waxes. This new style of atomizer is a huge improvement over traditional wick and coil atomizers when it comes to flavour!


We are offering FC members 25% off the Dabstorm kit and the Dabstorm Big Boy battery, which allows bigger hits with the slower heating donut atomizer! Just enter coupon code FCDABSTORM at checkout when ordering at


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We have a contest running at with an FC appropriate grand prize of a Magic Flight Muad Dib package.

1) MagicFlight MuadDib Kit ($281) Includes:
+ MagicFlight Muad Dib Concentrates Vaporizer
+ Magic Flight UFO - Unnamed Filtration Object turns any pint glass into a bubbler
+ Magic Flight PowerAdapter 2.0 for battery free home and/or car vaping

Enter Daily via

Even More Concentrate Prizes:
+ 2) Huffy Glass Micro Rig + PukinBeagle Quartz Nail (USA)
+ 3) RAW x SantaCruzShredder 4pc Grinder + RAW Pollen Press (USA)
+ 4/5/6) 1Percent $10 Gift Cards x 3

If you just can't wait to Win a Muad Dib, we're running a nice special on them; With purchase of any Muad Dib you get a Free Magic Flight UFO ($33 value / while supplies last) and Free US Shipping.

Runs through Halloween. Enter Main Contest Daily via

**Good Luck!**


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Hello everyone,

We're a brand new company in the vape industry. Our site,, goes live this Friday, January 8th.

We are offering ALL members of FC a 15% discount on their order (with some exclusions) using the code FC15.

You can e-mail me directly at We match ALL (and I mean ALL, even the exclusive e-mail discounts) pricing.

We have every vaporizer you can imagine in stock, so please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help you with anything.

We're going to be doing weekly giveaways here, including G-Pens, Santa Cruz Shredders, Space Cases, Flowermates, everything. So keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks guys!



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Smoker's Central has officially launched!

Smoker's Central is a new website which exclusively sells weed, tobacco and vaping accessories at discount prices including

  • Bongs
  • Wooden Pipes
  • Concentrate Nails of Ceramic and Titanium Make
  • Vaporizers
  • Ashcatchers
  • Grinders
  • Adapters
  • Bubblers
  • Dishes
  • Downstems
  • Bowls
  • J-Hooks
  • Dabbers
  • Screens
  • Rolling Papers
  • Vape Pens
  • Box Mods
  • Mechanical Mods
  • Atomizers
  • Tanks
  • Batteries
  • Chargers
  • E-Juice
with free and discreet shipping on all products! We are also running a launch promotion for the first 10 customers who purchase $50 or more will receive a free Smoker's Central branded vape pen!

Come check us out I'm sure you will find something you like!
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