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OK, vape sellers, here's a place you can post upcoming deals or discounts for FC members. Please keep the advertising in this thread.

This thread is for retailers to announce themselves to the FC membership and to let us know about sales. It's not a conversational thread for members. We don't want to force members to wade through pages of member posts to find seller announcements. If you have questions or comments for a retailer, please contact them directly.


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Well I'll certainly take advantage of this thread to talk about VapeNow ( a little bit.

We began selling on eBay and expanded to a website as our volume increased. Our website has been operational for about a year and a half and we've enjoyed the experience a lot. We try to differentiate ourselves from the competition and spammy review sites by offering objective Staff Reviews, videos, blog posts, pictures, faqs, and other information. We feel an informed customer is a much better customer than a misled one.

We also only carry vapes that meet our standards, which means we don't have any cheap no-name vapes manufactured in China.

Check out our site and feel free to drop us a suggestion or comment through our contact us page. We welcome all feedback from vapor enthusiasts (and if you mention this post, we'd be happy to give you a discount).

Thanks for providing this thread as a place for resellers to post. It's a good resource!



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SpiralArchitect said:
Anymore out there?

VapeNow is pretty nice, but it doesnt have wands.

I'm still looking for that 'Vaporizer Walmart' :lol:
We're adding EVERY accessory for EVERY model over the next month. Gonna be a pain from a product management standpoint, but we want to make all the misc. vape accessories easily available.


Hello Everyone,

Please allow me to introduce the Magic-Flight company. We create a simple, easy to use, portable vaporizer. Our only product -- the "Launch Tube" -- is a small, fast, portable vaporizer that can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. This device is compact, robust, reliable, and natural.

The primary advantages of our vaporizer is that
1) it can be used nearly anywhere and work instantly
(no warm up time, no plug in required), and
2) it is small enough to fit in a pocket (easily accessible)
and yet have enough on-board power to last a long time.

Please try one out today ? functional operation Guaranteed ?- Visit!

Mod note: They now also offer the Launch Box (FC gives it a :tup: )
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mod note- No longer in business

Hey now!
Most of you are already familiar with us, but for those who aren't here's a little background...

We're in Redondo Beach, CA, and began in 1999 with a goal to provide only unique items that are generally difficult to find or unavailable in retail stores. We are the toughest critics and only sell items we wholeheartedly believe in.

Our Mission:
We believe there are two components to being a successful online retailer. The first is offering the lowest price. Why shop with us unless we offer the best deal and the lowest price? Secondly we believe customer satisfaction is the most important factor. Like a Nordstrom's Dept Store, our customers are second to none; and you can bet we strive for perfection when it comes to serving your needs.

Almost all our vaporizers come with a FREE SPACE CASE 4 PC MAGNETIC GRINDER SIFTER MINI
FCME - 15% off any order. Minimum $50. 1 use per person (not valid on vaporizers that include free Space Case 4 pc )
FC4ME - 10% off any order
FCER - 15% off Space Case Products
FCDBV - 10% off Da Buddha + free space case 4 pc mini
FCIOLITE - 10% off Iolite + free space case 4 pc mini
FCEXTREME - Extreme $269 + free space case 4 pc mini
FCSSV - 10% off Silver Surfer + free space case 4 pc mini
Discount codes do not apply to Volcano purchases, contact directly.

Every Friday at 4:20 PM PST we will give away a free Space Case Magnetic Grinder 2 PC Medium, Titanium or Polished (your choice).

Just rate/review any vaporizer or Space Case product on (good, bad, or indifferent as long as it's honest), and post a copy of it here in this thread (including the name of the product reviewed). Valid email required. The recipient will be chosen randomly from each week's entries. The winner will be posted here every Friday at 4:20 PM PST.

That's it. No limit to the number of reviews you submit, but only one submission per member/per week will be counted into the contest. The contest is open to FC members worldwide. Personal information is strictly confidential and will NEVER be sold or solicited.

Happy Vaping,

AKA Jay :peace:


mod note- No longer in business

My name is Stephen and I am the owner of and We have been in business since 2005. We started out selling vaporizers in Portland, Oregon. We sell Arizer Solo, Extreme Q, Herbalaire, iolite, Silver Surfer, Da Buddha, VTower, and Volcanos.
We stock a complete line of accessories for the Solo, Extreme and the Extreme Q, Herbalaire, iolite, and VTower.
Here are some discount codes for FC members.

Herbalaire $189.95 No Discount code needed. (FREE 2-3 day SHIPPING)

Extreme Q $199.95 Code: Extreme Q (FREE Priority Mail Shipping)

Arizer Solo with Case. $229.95 Please put FC in the shipping/comments line. (FREE Priority Mail Shipping)

Call us at 503.888.7292 with any questions. or

We offer excellent Customer Service, and we ship all orders within 24 hours.
USA only.

Keyser Soze

Hello everyone,

I guess I should start by introducing myself proper: My name is Kevin and it is most definetly a pleasure to have discovered this site. An acquintance told me about this place, and I was stoked to learn there is a site dedicated to vaporization. That's coming from both a business man AND a Vape Enthusiast.

As my user handle refers, I am a distributor for the VaporStar product. In fact our company is the exclusive U.S distributor for the VaporStar. In addition to that product we carry a full range of Vaporizer's, Grinders(Space Case and Sharpstone), pollen boxe's, and press's.

We are currently under construction with our new site, which should be launching within the next 2 weeks. With the new release we are sure to be bringing you the LARGEST selection in Sharpstone Grinders, and the complete line of Space Case products. With those products, we will be carrying every imaginable accessory for the various Vaporizer's we keep in stock. Until then you can check us out @

Also, until our new site is launched...and should anyone have any product questions/suggestions etc etc please feel free to contact at my personal e-mail address or reply here.

Stay tuned to this site/thread, for the release of our Cyber-Monday shopping specials....which will be released on black Friday, and will be EXCLUSIVE to this site. :o

Hopefully, this is placed in the right forum....and not taken as purley spam. Along with the business aspect, I am excited to be fully engaged with this site.

Also, so as to keep with the format, if anyone has any questions regarding any product, please feel free to send me message. I wll also be posting a thread, regarding a few of our products(Space Case, VaporStar, etc) that questions can be answered, and product knowledge can be shared amongst the community.

Thanks again, and everyone have a safe and a Happy Thanksgiving.
Keyser Soze,


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I know I sent an email, but figured I would post the answer here as well in case anyone else was wondering. (:

The standard glass lid comes clear. The pictures that show designs on the lids are actually done on a mirror using etching cream (chemical) and were done for the Seattle Hempfestival last year. We certainly could do a custom order for you if that's what you are interested in. We'd just need to decide on a font, and I would have to order some mirror. We are picking up materials later this week so it wouldn't be that big of a deal to get a mirror piece for you.

The boxes are hand made by my husband and myself. We don't keep a lot of inventory on hand, so we make everything to order.

Let me know which way you want to go & we could work out a price for the custom piece.


Hey all, Just wanted to let everyone know that we are extending an offer to all registered FC members:

Email us directly for a discount on any purchase from! Email:!

K.J. Rockwise


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Hello FC members,
We're new posters but have been following for some time to research new manufacturers and models. Thanks!

Wanted to let members know that we have the new Extreme-Q in stock and shipping from the East Coast
- Next Day delivery from Boston to DC via Free UPS Shipping. 4 Days to LA.

As a thank you, feel free to E-mail for a discount code valid through Wednesday 1/20/2010 on everything @

Chris @ 1 Percent

Keyser Soze

Hello everyone.

Just wanted to let you guy's know we're offering 20% off ALL SharpStone products. Not just our grinders...but ANY of the massive(or small) pollen press's we offer.

In addition to that we are offering 20% off our ENTIRE line of pollen boxes....even the new solid CNC machined Aluminum box.

Just use coupon code sharpstone20 on any of the above products, to recieve the discount.

We are also offering the V-Tower Extreme for $259.99. Now that the Q is coming out, we are giving consumers a chance to experience one of the best selling vape's on the market, at a lower introductory price. If you havn't experienced's a good time to see why Arizer is one of the best in the market. NO COUPON code is needed for the new lower price for the Extreme.

Take care.

Keyser Soze,

Vapes Direct

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My name is Troy. My company, Vaporizers Direct, is based out of Colorado. We deal exclusively with the v tower vaporizer, extreme q, and their accessories. Our main business is selling wholesale across the United States, but we also have a retail web site constantly being updated with current specials on our products.

Here is my email:
Web Site:
Vapes Direct,


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Alright boys & girls....

We have retooled our website! Check it out

There's a how to video, lots of photos of kief boxes, & we are currently sifting through emails to find all the positive feedback we've received on our product! If you have any you'd like to share, please send it to

Thanks for taking a peek!

VapeWorld (formerly
Hey Everyone!!

Oglesby & Butler is stopping everyone from selling iolite vaporizers and parts on eBay and Amazon... Soo we are doing 15% off all Iolite Parts from our site - just use coupon code iparts15 during checkout.


VapeWorld (formerly
It seems Im one of the few that post on here but I like to keep FC members updated on industry news and such. Arizer had contacted us here at Vape World to let us know about a new policy they are implementing on Extreme, Extreme-Q and V-Tower vaporizer pricing.

Obviously coupon codes will slide by this rule but this is mainly geared towards eBay and Amazon - here is a blurb from it:

"We now require an Authorization Number and receipt copy for warranty service. Sellers under MAP will be pointed out and noted that we don't honor the warranty on your discounted stock."

So be careful where you purchase your Arizer products from - though you may be saving $50 here or there, what will happen if something breaks? You might be SOL you know? Anyways thought it might be nice to know.


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Hey Guys. I just wanted to introduce myself to the members here at fc forums. I make Darwins Headstash Herbal Incense and noticed this thread discussing legal incense blends.

My website url is and I would like to offer free samples to the first 7 members from this forum who place orders... to get your samples just go to my website, click on "new user registration", type FC420 in the promotional code box during registration, and then go to the products page and add the "Free Sample Baggie" to your cart and proceed with checkout. Please only one free sample per member ;) I hope that those who have had an opportunity to try a free sample will post reviews here after trying it out.


BTW if you google "DHS Incense" or "Darwins Headstash" you might find some interesting info.

Keyser Soze

Arizer has lowered the MAP, and has authorized resellers to lower the costs on those units only. So you can still buy the Extreme from an online retailer like Ebay, Amazon etc(or another online retail outlet offering those untis at a lower cost) and be covered under warranty with out an issue. I would make sure the person/company you buy from has a good rating...and you should be fine.

This new approved lower MAP is for the ORIGINAL Extreme only...and not the Q.
Keyser Soze,


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Hey there fellow vapor enthusiasts,

I finally signed up here, after lurking for some time and having browsed through many of the the interesting topics. is Europe's largest online store specialised in vaporizers. Our site is available in French, German, Dutch and English, and our customer service is happy to serve you in your preferred language. (Although reply times are usually the quickest when contacting us in English).

We pride ourselves on excellent service and fast shipping throughout Europe. Our Triple Guarantee includes:

- Lowest Price Guarantee
- 30 day money back guarantee
- at least one year warranty on all vaporizers

We offer a 10% discount for FC visitors. Use the following link:



Hello everyone,

Here's some pics of some custom glass sets I have on the way from the Canadian Glass Artist JFGlasswerx. All three sets are already sold. Each set has a bowl, elbow, and mouthpiece. PM or email me for more info on future art glass for the EQ! More glass is in the Werx at JFGlasswerx! Keep an eye out on this thread and/or my website, for more updates. Also feel free to add KJ Rockwise as a friend on Facebook so you can get updates about our Custom Glass Photo Albums immediately! You can also add me to MSN/Windows Live, my MSN address is: LTCF@LYCOS.COM

Please contact me directly. Do not post questions, comments, or concerns in this thread!




I would also like to mention that you can contact me directly for my BEST OFFER FC Pricing on all Arizer Vaporizers!

K.J. Rockwise


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Hello FC!
First I would like to say thanks to the people behind for the opportunity for retailers to post on the forum!

I am the owner of and would like to tell you a bit about the site- was created to provide quality vaporizers at great prices and give every customer the great service they deserve. We are a simple business and hold our customers satisfaction as the number one priority. We have Arizer V-Tower and Extreme Q, Vapor Genie, and the Magic-Flight Launch Box vaporizers in stock and have more models on the way. We accept credit cards and USPS money orders for payment. All orders placed before 3pm eastern time will be shipped same day, orders with a total of $75 or more receive free shipping. We will give any interested FC member a 10% off coupon for any purchase, just contact us and tell us your FC username and we will send you your own coupon code to receive 10% off during checkout. Thanks for reading and I look forward to answering any questions you may have.


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Well, Since FC is nice enough to let us do a little advertising, we better take full advantage of it.

I'm Randy from , We started our business in 2008 working through dispensaries in the bay area of California . A large part of our business is the non profit sales of vaporizers to those who are sick and cannot afford the equipment they need, especially those who served in the military and seniors who are new to the vaporizer community.

Of course we can't introduce ourselves to the FC community unless we have a Great offer for you, So this is what we've got:

First time customers can use discount code FC-1 to get 15% off any order. Each person only gets to use that offer once, so make it count! :)

Any customer can get 12% off any order above $50 with discount code FC. That discount code will be active as long as FC is up and running.

Also we are running a special promotion on our Iolite Vaporizers. Use discount code GOPORTABLE to see for yourself. :)

And this one is my favorite. We have used FC a lot so that we can understand which vaporizers are the best of the best. We have a few new vaporizers that will be on our website soon. But, if you know of a great product that you think we should be selling on our website, email me at . If your idea works out and we sell the product you suggested, we will send you one, free.

Thanks again, FC Community. Be happy, Be healthy

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Hello! We have just joined FC forums.

Bestvape has been operating since mid 2009. We began our sales through ebay and amazon and have recently launched our own store at All of our vaporizers are tested to ensure they meet our standards before becoming inventory sold at our store and we are in the process of adding reviews of all our products to the site. We are very excited to be part of the vapor revolution and would like to help members of this board with great prices and service.

We would appreciate any suggestions or vaporizer sale requests, please follow us on twitter at

All members of this board receive a 15% discount at checkout. Please use coupon code, FC15percent!



Hey everyone!

Tim here at
We've been around since 2008 serving vapor connoisseurs :)

Here's our coupon code:

fclove - 10% off all vapes + Free Shipping + Free chromium crusher grinder with vape purchase!

Feel free to contact me via email!

Vape it up,

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