Renaming this forum "Forget Combustion"


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along with some advertising, could really change things......

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Fuck seemed kinda strong to me at first when I read it.

But I realized I swear a lot just in day to day speech. After you say fuck combustion a few times it just has that ring to it :)


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It would help at times when you have to access public wifi . You can't always come to FC because its filtered out . Although I understand that's not such a bad thing since it is an adult forum but it can be a pain in the ass at times . And fuckin' aay I pretty much use the word Fuck at least once every three or four sentences when I speak these days . Also nobody I ever told to check out the forum ever forgot the name .:peace:
Frigcombustion :hmm: won't work .


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I think it would be interesting if we could get a SFW version of FC available. I've seen it on a couple forums before in the past. A secondary domain that you can go to, log in and use the site as normal, except all expletives are censored and images require you to click on them to appear.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think FC would be blocked because of the content rather than/as well as the name. Theres plenty of clean named sites that are blocked purely because of the info they contain.


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How I found this forum, is a LHS person wrote it out on a scrap of paper and handed it to me... "You might find this site interesting" was all he said. :)

I have recommended this site to people. Visually, I look like everyone's ideal of the sweet grandma type, so when I say "Fuck Combustion dot com" I do get funny looks. ;)


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Ya know, we really do need to elevate our image. The sophomoric attitudes presented here as well as in the general MJ community paints us all in a bad light and the title of this site just perpetuates this image. If we really want to be taken seriously by the general public, we need to shed ourselves of this immature way of communicating and elevate our modus operandi to that which is more in consort with the general medical community, other words: "Fuck 'em if they don't have a sense of humor!" :cool:


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I don't know about you guys, but I proudly wear my Fuck Combustion lanyard ( with dangling Dabbler) to all my doctors appointments (the only time I go out)....My Solo was a bit too heavy so I switched to the Dabbler for excursions into the wild. While, of course, wearing a Dead tie dye and freak flag (pony tail).


No way! If you have to then have another link that redirects here? But the name of this forum is great, and perfectly exudes our strong feelings against the combustion of this wonderful herb.

Plus, this is marijuana. It's not meant for children, and honestly, it's just a fucking word. :lol:
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