Induction Heater Reflux by Indux Labs

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Supersniffer 2000 - robot fart detection device
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$2,000?!? That's cute. :mental:

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I'll make nice w @Shit Snacks, @LesPlenty or @ShayWhiteGrow after one of them buy one, lol.
Would make a nice match to the new IQ rosin press...5-9k depending on options!
I am too tight to spend those sort of dollars but good on whoever can. :tup:

Shit Snacks

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I'm not even sure what this is haha is it just an induction heater for a vap cap (something I literally have zero use for) or is it an actual vape like the other thread about it? Not interested either way but don't even know what I'm looking at or why there are two separate threads if they're the same lol
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what they mean by a reactor? an inductor? well, 2000$ is a lot, but i am sure there are people who can afford it...i think a mini version of this, with a tag price of 900$, will suit the idea better...
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I actually tried to buy this thing before the PACT act went in effect and my Crazy Vape Buying Bender had me throwing money at all the things I thought Id never see again, and the people seemed real shady.

They did not seem interested in selling anything.

At least one other guy had a similar experience.

Pretty sure I dodged a bullet.
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