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A couple years ago a friend asked me how long that I thought I'd live. I said maybe 85.

He pulled out his measuring tape to 85 inches and said how old are you?

I said 65, then he showed me 65 inches on the tape. I don't have a lot of time left, 20 inches on the tape or 20 years, but seeing it was an eye opener.

BTW he died last December at age 74.


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Yeah dude, the 90's are still like, ten years ago to me :rofl:


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I'm playing Amazon Music through the TV. They're playing The Boxer by Simon & Garfunkel. It's labeled {EXPLICIT] I guess, because he gets "a come-on from the whores on 7th Avenue". Wow! Naughty... Thanks Amazon for the heads up.


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Am i the only one thats roots for the bad guys while watching cop shows?

Even while watching the awesomeness that was the early 90's "hit" TV show, Cop Rock?
(If you are not already familiar with this show, then you're welcome)
Because, ya know, it's just how morning meetings do...
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But it's not the distant past, most of this persists today, in different packaging, all kinds of superstitious shit out here.

There's still a lot of idiotic thinking out there. Lots of superstitions too. But I think it's different than the past. I don't think anyone living in the First World today believes in God and Satan the same way the people in The Witch do. Maybe the Amish or other secluded sects.

Many people profess to, but if they grew up in the first world, they also know there's a naturalistic explanation for everything. They can say evolution and physics are bullshit, but there will always be doubt in the back of their mind. That doubt didn't really exist hundreds of years ago. They just lived in a different psychic world, and all of society reinforced it.

The same director made The Northman. Similarly, no one alive today knows what it's like to believe Valhalla is literally real. In the psychic universe of vikings though, it literally was. It's almost impossible for modern humans to know what that's like.
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