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Products that make you go...........hmmmmm...


je pense donc je vape
^^^ "Yahoo...Mountain Dew", was the ad tagline used in old (I'm old) M.D. commercials...

Grew up with Yoo-Hoo on the East Coast...never cared that much for it.
Yeah man, sorry, I suppose I ended that comment with the wrong smiley, and should've used a winking one to help convey the sarcasm...

Even tho that slogan predates me by 1+ years (born in '66), I still remember people saying it...:
(I pretty much only drink ginger ale/beer or seltzer if I have any soda at all... water, juice, coffee, beer, whiskey etc and I'm good...:nod:)
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Mountain Dew isn't my favorite but its definitely a go to when I need a caffeine and sugar fix. A 12 US fl oz (355 mL) can of Mountain Dew contains 54 mg of caffeine. As a comparison point Red Bull has 111 mg.

Adding alcohol to the Dew is a great idea and should get me where I want to be....one of the most wide awake drunks in the room :rockon:


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