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Papa Woody

"The vapor is strong with this one"-Obi Onda Woody
Thanks, Papa Woody. Those look really useful. Do they lower the amount of bud you can put in the oven? I'm thinking the little lid comes off, and then you fill 'er up. I could be confused as that is my permanent state of being, so I'm just checking!

Budkups fit tightly into the oven without the screen in place. What works perfectly with me is to pop the lid off and fill your Budkup up to the top of the kup. Using the tamping tool, I tightly pack the load down into the kup which ends up with about a half fill in the kup. You can go ahead and use the half load if you want to but if you want it full, then go ahead and put more bud into the kup and compress that down into a really tight mass until the kup is full and then go enjoy it. I personally find that I get better sessions with the Pax when I really compress the load vs a loose pack like I would use in my log vapes. The temperature I tend to use is 400F and I get about 15 minutes or so before it’s done. I always finish the entire load in one session. The used load should be a very dark toasted brown all the way through the load.
The Budkup does take up minimal space. That is offset by compressing the load.
They also keep my oven cleaner than directly loading the oven.
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SOLD! I love this site because other users are so well informed about alternatives and “hacks” for the vape community.

Is Vaposhop the one in the Netherlands? I may not be able to order from them. I tried getting one of their bubblers, but they wouldn’t ship to the US....
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Hello friends, after 3 years of use, my dear Pax 2 starts to fail, a blue light appears and 10 flashes and then goes out, I think it's a temperature sensor problem, the same thing happened with the Pax 1 that changes for the 2 due to that problem.
I can't use Ploom's 10-year warranty, because I bought it from an unofficial store, so I have it complicated.
Do you know if there is any way to repair it on my own? The Pax 1 was easy to disassemble, but the Pax 2 I don't know where to do it, any tutorial?
Any help would be very well received.


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After 3 years of use is it not time for a change.
Variety is the spice of life and all that crap.
When I’m finished a session and emptied out the avb can I pull on it full heat with empty chamber to clear out any resin ?
Or is there a reason not to do this?
I just tried pulling on it when emptied at end of session and loads of vape still came out and seemed to get me higher but could of just been on the up still

Why when I turn it on full heat and don’t touch it smoke is pouring out the chamber; I’ve only cleaned it today is it perhaps iso alcohol still inside? Although I’ve used it since cleaning out too

given it a burn off and stopped now
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Hello, after speaking with the Pax technical service, they have decided to replace my pax 2, fantastic, it is on the way.
A 10 for PAX

Now I want to repair mine, I already did it with pax 1 and it looks good, but pax 2 I don't know how to disassemble it, has anyone got it?


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Well my not used anymore Pax 1 is broken and not functional so I contacted tech support and I have a new Pax 2 on the way... Can't wait. Even though they said I'd have to wait a bit before I'd get it as they have a shortage of Pax 2 units. Great support


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Is it me or does New Vape Acc. for Pax outperform the BudKups 3 ? Why is there such a lack of buzz on both Pax sites ? Are too many of us waiting for the next generation , the perfect Pax 4 ? It's been a while , no?
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