I purchased a new Pax 2 on Ebay- came in the original package with the shrink wrap and appears 'real' based on the vids and pictures of units online. The icons light up appropriately when charging and using, etc.

I've been reading here for some time, and I've read that vaping performance is learned to some extent. But I NEVER get a cloud of visible vapor out of it. When I exhale, there is no visible vapor. The draw is hard; I'm using the standard screen, and maybe that's part of it. When I go to a pipe, the psychotropic effects are much more significant.

The herb is sticky, usually a good thing, but that makes it hard for air to pass through it. I use a grinder, and I don't think I good make it any finer.

Also frustrating... I don't know when I need to empty and refill the oven. How many 'draws' should I expect after one filling?

Am I really supposed to see the billows of vapor as in their ads?



You might get more specific responses to your Pax2 related question if you post it in the Pax2 thread..

I don't own a Pax so i can't say wether your using the unit in the wrong way.

Seeing vapour depends on the lighting. You can blow the thickest vapour in the wrong kind of light and not see a thing. Or the lightest vapour in the correct light and it looks like smoke.

It takes some time to adjust from the combusting high to the vape high. It can feel a lot lighter, but that doesn't mean less high just less groggy IMO

If it was me I would try my Pax on all 3 temp settings, each time checking the colour of the herb. If it gets nice and brown by the end you know the herb is being cooked!

There are quite a few threads already about getting used to the vape high after quitting combusting which you should check out
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