vaporizer function

  1. CeeLoGlass

    Is Low Temp Dabbing on Quartz better than using a Vape device?

    When you take a nice low temp dab out of Quartz at 650 degrees or lower, is that considered combustion? If not, then what are your preferences for having a vaporizer kit? I know that it's not considered combustion but I just want to know the different preferences of using a hand help vape vs...
  2. T

    Pax 2 problem

    I purchased a new Pax 2 on Ebay- came in the original package with the shrink wrap and appears 'real' based on the vids and pictures of units online. The icons light up appropriately when charging and using, etc. I've been reading here for some time, and I've read that vaping performance is...
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