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At least in my case, oil residue drips under the dish, and cakes between the dish and Ti body.
Not all the time, and it can take time.
Spinning pearls helps to create more residue and dripping down the airpath and nut area, and sides of the dish.
Distilled water works very well indeed, but I don’t think it would deep clean everything.
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When the dish is really gunky I would apply distilled water with an eye dropper and let it lift the gunk off. If the dish is stuck to the titanium I would turn the temperature up til it loosened, could also be hit with a torch briefly to loosen up. The picture above with very slight amount of baked on carbon could definitely be cleaned without removing the dish though.

I'm also not a big fan of these SIC dishes looking like trash after one use.. Yes this is from one dab of Live Resin.. and an hour of soaking in ISO.

Have you considered qtipping the nail when you're done with a dab?


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Did you try doing it anticlockwise? Clockwise de-bowling loosens it. Anticlockwise keeps it tight.
I had the same issue with my spike and this solved it completely.
nah I think he said he tried it and it makes no difference. My threads look like his, and it unscrews from touching it repeatedly, let alone debowling with it.
I feel guilty for not using my spike. But I’m finding dumping it warm and a quick brush get things clean for me. If youre rough on the spike maybe some loctite could do the trick, should be fine on aluminum. Some of them are weak and will break loose with a little heat and a bump or two, which would be perfect.

update, been vaping cbd flower For the last few days. Pretty enjoyable. I think I’m going to start mixing thc flower and cbd like I often enjoyed in the mighty, and see how that goes. The controller and coil have been powering down as expected since that one fluke.

i managed to secure my first concentrate acquisition for the flowerpot and ended up with live resin. We’ll see how it goes later tonight.

again I have to follow @someTooL but delayed by a week or two, dropped my temps from 710 to 669. The vapor isn’t as strong but the effects are similar enough to me, and better flavor at the trade off of speed — it’s nice to have options! Tinkering away when I can.

Not breaking the live resin out until later tonight but I’m pretty sure dabs should be done at an even lower temp right? Maybe in the 550 range? Suggested temps for dabs vs suggested temps for twaxing? This is my first enail/dab experience, have used a torch banger like twice.

2 weeks with the vrod and will finally be doing a demo with a friend in the upcoming week or two, we’ll see how a vape novice handles the vrod. This actually brings up my final concern:

does anyone have a suggestion for sharing glass rigs in a (more) hygienic fashion? Aside from owning 2 appropriate rigs (it’s coming, but not in time. China) I’m sure there must be some sort of mouth piece adaptor that I can use. I saw the Moose Labs “mouthpeace filter” thing on amazon, but im not sold out it, but something similar.

my current plan is, we’ll have mini 10 min sessions (a few bowls or whatever), Back and forth with a quick iso bath (I just got a shitload of 99% I’m going to start diluting to 70 for a few quick cleans) between the sessions.

I was even thinking one could use a “delta 3d” wpa as a mouthpiece. Inserted into my rig’s mouthpiece, it forms a good seal and removes your mouth from the rig entirely.

Probably overkill with iso at my disposal but it’s something I’m considering, unfortunately I simply have to be extra careful these days. Cheers.
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The top of my VRod is straight honey. Ive been running it around 600 since I got it 6 months ago. It’s probably on 6 or more hours a day.

does anyone have a suggestion for sharing glass rigs in a (more) hygienic fashion?

man it’s tough. It shouldn’t be like this. Sharing a pipe with a friend should be relaxing and not worry some. I’ve only had a few sessions with friends in the past year because of Covid. I just offer them their own clean piece, like you suggested. It removes a lot of anxiety on my part. One thing I can say is the FP has not disappointed. Everyone I’ve introduced it to really seems to love it. Enjoy showing it off.
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Sorry some of you are having problems with that debowler spike becoming loose. That sucks.

I woke up this morning and took both halves of the Vrod and the nut and dish our of the Iso bath. With a tiny bit of effort, I was able to get it it loose so I'm happy! Honestly though if this continues to happen i'm going to get pretty pissed.

Has anyone damaged their center post or nut when trying to remove them with pliers? Also when you guys talk about heating it to 150F and then trying the do you do it? There is no way unless you have something to grab and grip the lower half of the head because otherwise you will end up putting the pressure against the arm of the coil and where it connects to the Vrod head. Believe me I've tried and it felt as if i was bending the arm to the coil while holding the handle in one hand and having the other hand on the pliers and that nut.

Someone also mentioned freezing it? I would much rather try that next time than I would ever want to use the pliers again. Hell even the nut got scratched the hell up! I'll definitely try this next time.

What I don't understand is why this is happening with a tiny grain of rice size or less dab of sauce or resin? I dab on the inner outer rim of the dish and am very careful not to touch the nut.

Other than this, I'm still loving this vape! Still haven't come to a personal conclusion on temp but it's definitely somewhere between 600F and 630F. While it is possible to get some tasty tasty light vapor between 550 and 580F I almost always start at 600F and temp step to 630F by 10 degree increments. Hell sometimes I just jump right to 630F after 600F if I'm in a hurry. I usually load 0.3. at a time for a sesion (3 pax scoops) and get 4 to 5 draws from it. 640 and above IMO is just too hot unless of course you are loading a 0.1 and want to cash it in one hit. Does this sound about right?

What's really weird is the highest I had to ever go with this thing was 670F and that's only because the bud was very moist. For the most part, I'm now discovering that my sweetspot is usually starting at 600F and finishing at 630F.
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I know I slightly loosen, and lightly finger-tighten, both threaded joints (the actual two pieces of the head, and the nut that holds the dish on) before turning it on every day. If there is any resistance at all, I would take it apart and clean it before using it.

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What I don't understand is why this is happening with a tiny grain of rice size or less dab of sauce or resin? I dab on the inner outer rim of the dish and am very careful not to touch the nut.
My nut is always stuck when cold. When cold there is no way I could get it off. I am also very careful to not to get any concentrates on the nut or center post. What I believe is happening is when the vapor is pulled up from the dish and down the center post some vapor/reclaim coats everything and over couple sessions works its way down into the threads. I suspect leaving the carb cap on between hits speeds this up. If I want to clean, I remove my nut when at temperature. Usually right after a session. I use the tips of my fingers to just twist quickly. I’ve been playing guitar for 25 years and those fingertips are very calloused. I don’t recommend this though I have yet to burn myself. (I know crazy but it works for me) I will suggest, try removing it when it’s hot and to use some leather gloves or oven mitts. Have something ready to carefully dump your dish on.

NewVape posted this video on Instagram talking about removing a stuck TBucket dish. It’s not the same problem but the video may give you some ideas or confidence to try something different.

Stuck TBucket Dish
Curious for a few dabbing tips. I feel like a LOT of the vapor is lost either while uncapped or for the 2 minutes after the hit My sic dish gives off wisps of vapor for like a minute afterwards... am I doing something wrong or is live resin just kind of oily? I’m Not using much but it’s not vaporizing clean/quickly at all. only using conservative, tiny rice of half grain rice size loads. Thanks.


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I just knock the avb out of the bowl while it's still hot and brush it out while hot every couple bowls. I have never used the spike myself, so I'm not sure how to fix that other than lower strength/breakable loctite, though I would drill a hole straight through the spike so I could stick something through for leverage to tighten/loosen because idk how you would break the loctite without it.

@Socks And Sandals - are you qtipping everything clean after every dab? Between qtipping and the distilled water technique for the cleaning dish I haven't had to open or clean my head in like a year, and I rarely even have to do the distilled water thing by doing a good job with the qtips.

Here are a couple videos from this mornings session - please forgive the dirty glass.


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Help me out a bit here, and excuse my newbness, but I really enjoy the buzz at 650 but after a bowl or two I’m coughing. Do I adjust my style? Draw length? Just need a heads up. 635 is my day time temp and 650-675 is night time but struggle with the coughs.
I go through the same thing even with my heat at 535 for flower and 585 for conc. N flower. I just take a quick breather n drinks between bowls.


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Just wanted to share another way to use the vrod. Tried using my long 18mm glass cooling stem (rbt)with its basket screen loaded with weed😀 I place the screen against the vrod head and inhale . Easy


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Only speaking from using wet, but the vrod is the smoothest hitting vape I own. Well, and biggest hitting too.

For me, a 1/2 scoop is all I load in the glass bowl at 652. Anymore and I get greedy and try to take it all. Full scoop and I’m feeling it more in the lungs.

How many scoops do you usually add? Btw, anyone see the NV pumpkin bong video...two scoops and a dab! :science:

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Just wanted to share another way to use the vrod. Tried using my long 18mm glass cooling stem (rbt)with its basket screen loaded with weed😀 I place the screen against the vrod head and inhale . Easy
Nice! It’s so awesome how many ways you can use this vape. It also works like this.
side note: I’ve been trying to go two months between AVB Can dumps. When I was really in the honeymoon phase with the FP I was filling and dumping once a month. (Previous post on AVB v. Product used.) The AVB Can holds about 13 grams of AVB.


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Like @Ramahs, I don't really count but it very much depends on how hard I'm pulling too. I get upper throat irritation from all vapes pretty quickly, so generally can't pull hard for more than 3-5 seconds before I start to cough :(

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If I inhale for too long I get throat irritation but also my lungs hurts and I get a feeling like I'm out of breath. So now I try to listen to my body and stop when I feel it's enough. Sure it's not as satisfying as a full inhale but I don't spend the rest of the night with a discomfort in my chest. Hopefully if I take it slow now I won't have health problems later.
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I used portables for years until I got the Flowerpot. I tried searching and searching for the best portable, but nothing extracts like a heavy hitting desktop. Ive had a few Vrods and showerheads, but I’m loving the weedeater because of the smaller profile. I use it all day long when not at work, I wish the Herbo was more popular, since that looks very similar to the Fp. Would love to try a glass bowl also, since mine was too big of diameter to fit my head on top. Hope everyone has a safe and calm week! Shout out Zancru also, :rockon:
The herbo is actually gaining popularity and notoriety by the day. It took a while for it to make it's mark on the wider map, and certainly coincided partly with Bud's Livestream reviews of it last year.

He did an official video review for the Flowerpot at first release, which likely inspired a faster initial take off, besides being US based by a very proficient company as well, in the land of action.

Both systems are great, top tier vapes, with their differences of course.


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