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I didn't see a thread for New Jersey specific issues so decided to add this one. If you live in NJ, there is a link in the article at the end where you can officially comment.

A video and everything.
A New Jersey man who was driving on Burlington Road in Southampton had a very personal run-in with New Jersey State Police officers who contend they smelled marijuana on his person, according to a report.

In a dashcam video published by open government advocate John Paff, two State Police officers are seen ramming their hands down the pants of Jack Levine during a traffic stop.

"If you think this is the worst thing I'm going to do to you right now, you have another thing coming my friend," one of the troopers, identified on the video as Joseph Drew, tells Levine before beginning the cavity search....​

The link portion:
...Last year, an appellate court ruled that the time was “certainly ripe” for the state to reevaluate marijuana’s classification, despite the drug remaining illegal on the federal level. If weed is reclassified, the state could change regulations or lighten penalties – but it still wouldn’t be legalized or decriminalized.

The hearings are scheduled in Newark on April 19 and Trenton on April 24. Anyone interested in speaking should submit a request to the Division of Consumer Affairs at this link, including prepared remarks.

Members of the public can offer their opinions on:

  • Marijuana’s actual or relative potential for abuse;
  • Scientific knowledge regarding marijuana;
  • Risks to public health;
  • Whether marijuana is an “immediate precursor” of another Schedule I drug – if it’s a “gateway drug.”


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Leave at drawing board. Re-version for citizen cultivation or bust.

Ed "NJWeedMan" Forchion is also not supportive. He will counter by selling outside the commercialist syndicate. I don't like his "white man" framing- however he's picking the right fight for accurate reasons.

Ed “N.J. Weedman” Forchion said Wednesday that he plans to sell marijuana on March 21, days before Trenton lawmakers are aiming to vote on a marijuana legalization deal reached by Gov. Phil Murphy, Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin.

“This bill (2703) does nothing for those victimized by the current prohibition for providing marijuana to the state’s ½ a million potheads for decades because the state enforced a racist prohibition and now is swapping that out for racist legalization,” Forchion said in a statement. “This law NOW EXCLUDES US (US = minorities, current black-marketeers), all of those arrested for distribution or for having more than 50grams aren’t eligible to participate in this new Government industry.”

Forchion has previously been arrested for selling marijuana, though authorities declined to arrest Forchion last year when he was smoking and selling marijuana outside of the governor’s.

Forchion said that he intends to get arrested this time in order to mock Sweeney and State Sen. Nicholas Scutari, who is sponsoring the legalization bill.

State lawmakers are aiming to vote on a suite of marijuana legalization bills on March 25. At the moment, Democrats likely lack the votes to pass the legalization bill outright.

here is his blog- too lengthy to reproduce.
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Ain't gonna happen in PA.

I think it's closer to happening than not. I remember 10 years ago I thought I'd be an old man before PA had medical. I'm still in my prime and PA has medical! Recreation is just around the corner, pretty wide spread support. My anti weed smoking father is even for it, on account of the $$$ opportunities
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I've not seen a case like this winning in the states before now. Guy gets hurt at work and has chronic (heh) pain which he uses medical marijuana to treat. Worker's comp judge says insurance must compensate him for his cannabis purchases. Worker's comp insurer sues and loses.

I suspect it will be appealed, but wow! To be fair, this guy is not the usual medical user. He got hurt, bad, and nothing seems to help and he's tried a lot. But, wow.

How much are we talking about?
Petitioner continues to treat his pain with the prescribed two ounces of medical marijuana per month. He pays $616 a month out-of-pocket for the prescription. Dr. Liotta testified that petitioner will need medicine to manage his pain "for the rest of his life."​
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I live in Mt. Arlington, N.J. They can't even plow the roads correctly, I haven't gotten mail delivered in two weeks. Buy the time they get this legalize marijuana figured out I will be curing my second harvest!🌱🔥😎

Pistol Pete

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As a New Jersey resident I don't want to buy my Marijuana at a store. Availability, selection and price are ridiculous. New Jersey and the Governor are only interested in how much money they can make. Fuck the state and their taxes and also Fuck these corrupt politicians 😤. I will continue to grow my own Marijuana. This way I can grow the strains I want in living soil, without chemicals and salt based nutrients. Again Fuck 🖕the state and politicians, they don't care about you, AT ALL. BTW you would not believe my property taxes, I call New Jersey "THE BLEED YOU DRY STATE".
Pistol Pete,
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