Musicians. What instruments do you play?


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I'm SnowBirding in Palm Springs, CA from Washington State. I bring a Voyage-Aire folding guitar, which breaks down nicely for air travel.

It's quite dry in the desert, so instead of breaking down my guitar and stowing it with a humidifier when not playing, I keep it in a plastic bag with a damp rag in a tall glass at the bottom of the bag. Meter says 5.0 RH. Way better than 3.0 or less RH and stays in tune way better....
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The last few times I went some somewhere warm for vacation, I packed a uke. The smallest size, which I think they call a soprano. I can play a few hapa haole tunes.

Don't think I'm going anywhere for a while now. But at least I got weed here. :)

Sweet axe @macbill


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Here's my cover of Larry Pattis' arrangement of Ashokan Farewell (from the Civil War tv series):
The guitar is a 1981 handbuilt Cedar/Koa Laughlin; probably my favorite guitar for noodling around on the couch.


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A friend of mine added a player sound port for me; it's awesome:

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