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What a disappointment. I don't understand why the IH makers are so flakey and unreliable. I hope you are able to find a reasonable solution.
Indeed, I was looking forward to see if all the promises of advanced tech, really worked. I went with the Fluxer Deluxe, as the maker is very involved with sharing his entire process, and is always active in his Fluxer thread. That’s one of the reasons it’s so popular and a waiting list, but at least he actually DELIVERS a product.

Still hoping someone can come up with a “regulated” IH, to avoid the voltage drop on each hit, like most modern ECig devices.


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@fatbiker & @RustyOldNail – While @MagHeater is not very active here, he did quite a lot to overcome the communication issues of the past, namely by updating his blog pretty frequently. He outsourced handling orders for the Compact series to He also always replied promptly (within 48 hours max, usually much sooner) to my mails (until 2 weeks ago). That's why I was able to even stand six months of constant anticipation. :-)

The problem is not him being flakey. It's a) his mental constitution

Mad Professor suits me well, I have autism.
which makes it hard to cope with pressure and stress and b) his very very unsupportive environment. I don't mean to excuse the guy, but it's important to know about it I think. I very much hope he is one day able to steer himself into calmer waters, because while I am quite sad about what business practices I am experiencing now, I also think he is the most talented and innovative IH builder *by far*. Assuming that the PayPal money back thingy (which I will apply to next week) will work out, I will keep that money for a while in the hopes that @MagHeater comes back.

Yeah, I'm a bit of a fan...


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The story pivots as we speak – just got a note that my device is ready, calibrated and working, will be send to me this Friday. He even sent me a tracking number. I never lost faith in the guy! :-)

Will keep you updated...


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Just a quick note – my martyrdom came to an end, I got the Slim Automatic today. I'm totally honeymooning at the moment of course, but seriously: this takes the concept of induction heating to a new level. The temp sensing works extremely well – how accurately I can't really say (though my caps click at ~200°C, which is the said calibration temp, so it seems to be set up correctly), but from what I can say (after three sessions), the temps are very consistent. One thing I enjoy a lot is not having to hold down a button for heating, all it takes is one button push and it's hands free from there. During heatup the launch button is illuminated and goes off as soon as the set temperature is reached, which is a very cool feedback when you are not able to hear the click. You can go even further with the autocruise mode which will start heating up as soon as you insert a DV in the tube, so after the initial launch no extra button pushing is needed; this is excellent for quick back to back sessions, as you don't have to wait for any cooldowns. As soon as the vapor gets thin → put DV back for reheat → Rock'n'Roll.

One thing I didn't expect was having to charge the LiPos externally, but the Slim comes with a balanced LiPo-charger. The Slim holds two 800mAh 3S LiPos – at least in theory, I myself have a hard time fitting them in the case. I'm sure it works, but getting them out again for charging might need a little practice, so for now I plan to use one LiPo at a time and keep another for swapping when it dies. Swapping one battery is quick & easy, though, and the three sessions I've had so far haven't drained the battery more than three sessions on the Professional would have, maybe even a little less.

Build quality, print, handling, performance etc. → great.

To be able to temp control a Dynavap is such an interesting experience.

Anyway, back to more testing, but for now I'm really happy. This is the future. Uh yeah.
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@Siebter -happy he finally came through for you.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts after you get some quality time with your AS.
Any chance you can show us some pics? I‘d love to see the top when it’s on.


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Couldn't really find a nice spot to properly showcase my new toy, but here it is:

Close up of the screen:

This is the temp sensor inside the tube:

I couldn't really find a good solution for using both LiPos; I managed to insert them both once, but getting them out again is quite a bit of a hassle, so I keep it at one. When doing so, you have to be a bit mindful, as LiPos don't like to be stored full or empty (I start recharging the extra battery when the one inserted gets low and swap them at 11.4V). Swapping one LiPo is easy.

The overall build quality and print is really good. The filament material is thick and sturdy. It's rough (like a tar surface) on top and bottom and glossy on the sides. Soldering and cables look very clean, although there's a bit of hot glue spilled here and there (might be to buffer the electronics from the case, though). The buttons are *very* nice. The battery case door was a bit stiff at first, but works nicely now. The Slim looks really good in my opinion.

Performancewise the Slim is just excellent. Not only does it heat up quickly (from cold to 180°C → ~6 seconds), but the temps are very *very* consistent. A 180°C session will always feel like a 180°C session and the abv will always look like 180°C (given that the other parameters like grind consistency, pack etc. are the same of course). When done, there's no hue or inconsistent spots in the abv at all.

The hands free operation and the feedback when the DV is ready to draw (light of launch button goes off) is unbelievable comfortable.

Although I'm struggling a bit with the „super hands free“-mode (autocruise or „Deluxe”), which is supposed to reheat the cap when inserting it in the tube without the need to hit the launch button. There's either a timeout or the cap needs to be above a certain temp I believe, but you have to be very quick when using it (extreme back-to-back hitting). It works, but oh boy, that way it slaps you to the moon within a minute. :-)

So I'm using it in the „N“ or „normal“-mode pretty much all the time (you still have to push a button when engaging the heater, but you don't have to keep pushing it down). I'm usually starting at 170°C and finishing at 190°C or 200°C, that usually gives me ~5 solid hits, with the abv being of a cinnamon color at 190°C and a pretty dark brown at 200°C, the max is 260°C, so well over combustion temps, but that might come in handy when using a Dynacoil or stuff.

One thing that totally took me off guard was the performance when using lower temps. Yesterday I tested 150°C just to see what it would give me and yeah: *that* is terpene heaven! But not only that: I was very surprised that I was able to get three pretty solid hits that way (not huge, but very visible). Then I thought the device might have been calibrated wrong, as I was not expecting *any* cloud at that temp (and taste), but the vapor was indeed super cool and the abv looked yellow-greenish. I don't even understand how that works. The fourth hit was kinda whimsy, but I was able to finish that load with two solid hits at 190°C. It's just such a great experience to tempstep with a Dynavap this way and those low temp hits are seriously incredible.

I have not tested my ss tip yet, but have tried 2018 caps and more recent ones (with serial number), they both behave the same. I guess captive caps might need some recalibration, the PhantoM caps definitely do. The Slim can be calibrated easily via a simple menu (which I haven't had to test yet).

One more thing that is awesome is that you can start reheating without the need to wait for cooldowns. Depending on what temp is set you won't even hear any click anyways. That streamlines the experience quite a bit and also helps saving battery life, as the device will need less time to heat when the cap is still relatively hot.

So while there are still some prototype-esque spots here and there, I am super happy with the Slim. I'm not sure what to expect from Mag Heater (he is back for now, though), but I hope this guy finds a way to do his stuff in peace and keep developing his marvelous devices. The Slim is nothing less than a sensation (to me).

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How well written/clear were the instructions?

The heat sensor is metal, right? Does it, itself, not get heated from the coil? The cap sits upon the sensor, so the sensor is measuring the heat of the cap, I guess. I wonder how close to the temperature of the cap the weed within actually gets ... not that it matters, I guess, as the user will simply find what temps. work best for his/her needs ... the temps. displayed on the meter, that is, regardless of how those temps correspond to the actual temp of herbarge inside.
Mono Loco,
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@Mono Loco – The instructions came hand written with the device (they will be online sometime soon, I suppose, there's a section with manuals on his site). Also the device is pretty simple to use: to switch into „D“-mode (autocruise) hold the down-button, to switch into „P“-mode (device works like any other IH except temps are shown via the meter) hold the up-button. Works a bit like gear shifting. :-) The device boots into „N”-mode at 180°C. To switch into a simpler screen, hold up and down at the same time, to switch into the calibration menu, hold up and down at the same time again.

It's not easy to show, but the cap does not sit directly on the sensor. The sensor kinda sits in its own compartment about 3mm below an inserted cap. I agree, it's not clear what the set and shown temps are actually corresponding with (the cap? the chamber?), but it works really nice and consistent and what I can see from the abv I get actually makes me think that the calibration is very accurate.


There are RF-transparent metals. My aluminum hobby knife only draws 3 watts for instance.
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