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Seven Ministry of Magic wizards trying to cast stunning spells to bring down Mitch McConnellView attachment 3806

Looks like it almost worked...



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I remember the pics. Did he ever even claim a story? Something like a Theraband slipping when he was working out at home? Or, was it Vito collecting on one of Cocaine Mitch's past-due debts?
You know, I don't actually know. I forgot all about it until Buzzbomb's post. Because it really does look like a Harry Potter style spell went awry here. I mean, Cocaine can cause circulatory system issues too, but Mitch doesn't seem the type to get high on his own supply. Too low energy. All I know is that if my face and hands started rotting away, I'd get myself to a fuckin hospital.

I assume he's fine now though. Ghouls like Mitch and Nancy never die. They'll probably be blaming each other for America's problems (and getting rich in the process) when my great grandkids are in college.


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Based upon my observation of dogs, barking up the right tree doesn't accomplish much either.

I have never had the Bejeezus scared out of me. Bejeezus still lives in my heart.

1. You know, change is inedible.
2. I think you mean inevitable.
1. [Spitting out a bunch of nickels] Nope.



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"Son, this precious tax loophole was passed down to me from my father, who received it from his father, and now you must guard it with your life."
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