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My assessment would be to take out "Jesus" first then his 3 minions. That is one seriously weird sculpture.

I think she absolutely nailed the pic. It looks like some shit out of Dark Souls. Gotta dodge roll behind the boss and hitR1 to stab him in the ass before he uses his Holy Spirit AOE attack. Don't bother with the minions. They'll probably keep spawning until you kill the boss.

if I was a Christian and Jesus popped out of a nuclear bomb and looked like that at the resurrection I think I'd be looking to change sides.

I had a super Catholicky roommate in college who would keep haranguing me about Jesus stuff. To get him to understand how little I believe in Christianity I told him I probably still wouldn't believe if Jesus himself came back and landed in Times Square. Even then, the most plausible explanation is an alien race caught a 700 Club broadcast and decided to put on a little Revelations show as a prelude to an invasion. Because aliens existing wouldn't violate the laws of physics. But a 2,000 year old magical flying Hebrew would. He never brought it up again.




I guess I was reluctant to "get it " at first, because I hate texting, and especially hate texting back and forth to communicate.
It hurts my hands and takes too long just to pass on a response. Some younger gals I go out with complain about that, but I'd rather
give and get immediate thoughts and responses than wear out my fingers, patience, and brain typing!
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