How to remove labels from glass?

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Hi everyone,
I just picked up a cool weedstar double showerhead bubbler, but I'm not a fan of the massive "weedstar" printed across the side of it. (I like the nice clean look of clear glass.)

Does anyone know of a way to remove that paint stuff?

I had hoped that ISO would be of some help, but that didn't get me anywhere...
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Iso is actually best for cleaning when you dont want to remove labels :lol:

things that will remove labels over time is Simple Green, Grunge Off, and i think CLR and probably a few other harsh chemicals but wait for a couple other suggestions maybe theres something easier to work with.

i know grunge off will take labels off for sure because its happened to me with downstems.

my advice: if you dont want weedstar logo dont buy weedstar glass ;)


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I've read that soaking in a strong oxyclean solution can cause some labels to fade.

Acetone perhaps?

I suppose it would help to determine exactly what type of label it is first. :hmm:


Don't think it's achievable without leaving tube looking the worse for wear but willing to be proven wrong. :2c:


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you wouldn't be able to remove the "labels" from my glass artists work.
He chem etches the glass, then paints on the glaze label, then flame polishes it.


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denatured alcohol/paint thinner/acetone + razor blade. try one of those solvents along w/ scraping it w/ a razor, and if it's just a decal, it should come right off. if that doesn't work, you'll just have to live with it.


If you can get your hands on some Type Wash, I'd imagine that would work as well. It's mostly toluene, and can dissolve practically anything, but comes with some risks (It's caustic, toxic, volatile, flammable, explosive, and just generally nasty). You can find it at printing supply stores, I don't know if it can be shipped from someplace online. It's masterful at dealing with stuff that just refuses to dissolve otherwise, like the rubber based inks it's made to deal with.

Frederick McGuire

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Thanks for the suggestions guys,
I'm gonna go down to my local hardware store this weekend and see if I can find something.
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Could you post some before & after photo's with your results please? I'm kinda curious about this myself.

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i received some tubes with silkscreened paint/ink logo on them -- the factory said to use muriatic acid (dilute hydrochloric acid) -- didn't really do much. razor blade works, but cleaning 1000 tubes is too much work for me. (So now there's another line on the procurement spec for borosilicate tubes.)

is that what you've got? a silkscreened ink logo? did you get rid of it?
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If its not sandblasted try useing Orange Chronic, it'll eat away a bit of the label over time


I've been trying to remove an ugly Chinese glass off-center "Got Glass" logo off mine. Its silkscreened on. Been using Acetone and a razor blade, with minimal success. Plus, its leaving behind something similar to an etched-like residue.
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can i stick my male joint in there?
ok i just tried taking a razor to it. i think i can take off my label this way. fingers crossed.
edit: every thing turned out great. :D



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Does anyone know what kind of labels Vertigo uses for there medium bubblers?

I think these are perfect in terms of size and shape, but that label is just to big for my lickings. From what I gather from the Cloud thread they come off easily, but I'm not sure if the labels they use on these bubs are of the same kind. Anyone?

Example pic of the model I'm referring too:

Haha wow nice! I've been thinking about removing the HiSi logo off of my tube for the longest time. Just may have to give it a try sometime soon!


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things that will remove labels over time is Simple Green, Grunge Off, and i think CLR and probably a few other harsh chemicals but wait for a couple other suggestions maybe theres something easier to work with.

Simple Green definitely takes labels off pretty easily.. I learned this the hard way. After cleaning my bong in Simple Green, I accidentally got some on the label and now it's starting to chip off.


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I use this stuff when all other chemicals fail:

Please note: I use this chemical as a last option. It should not be taken lightly or used by fools. :2c:


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I can back up Nycdeisel and BeEasy about simple green. You can get it at the hardware store. It has removed thick labels off of down stems I have. Usually a soak and then a scrub with just a towel will begin the removal process. Make sure you soak in a somewhat ventilated area though.


Well, I just soaked an ugly ass logo over night with Acetone. Didn't make any noticeable difference.
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