How the "Best Of" threads work. Post nominations here.


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Many of our threads have become so long that it has gotten difficult for people to find the good stuff. To cope with this, we use "Best Of" threads.

These threads are created by copying the best posts for each thread to a locked thread in this sub-forum.
  • We will copy posts based on your recommendations.
  • Anyone can nominate a post by simply posting a link to it in this thread. Place your cursor over the number in the lower right corner of the post, then right-click and copy the link.
  • Nominated posts should be reasonably well-written and provide useful information.
  • Once a nomination has been dealt with, it will be removed from this thread.
We hope that these threads become a valuable resource over time, but this depends on the community. These threads will be as good as you make them. Note that they will be always be unfinished, and will usually not have much in them when they are started.

Finally, we reserve the right to make the decision whether a post will be included or not.

Please do not start discussions here. Make your comments in the Best Of... thread in the Community section. To make this work, we need volunteers. Thanks for helping.

Edit to add clarifications
  • You can put as many nominations in a post as you like within the 10,000 character limit.
  • You can nominate your own posts.
  • Valid respectful criticisms should be selected. These aren't fan threads.
  • Problem descriptions are important even if they are unresolved.
  • The posts selected can be identified by the Best Of FC badge:

    This badge is a link back to the relevant "Best Of" thread.
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E-Nano Best of Pics/review
andy's nano with interior light
walnut burl
hello kitty enano
purple heart enano
pic of the new laser etching
dragon enano
rosewood enano
purple heart enano
enano WPA
DUAL enano
exotic enano's
Hawaiian koa
filldleback maple
teardown pic
Epic stem New style
V2 introduction
internal diagram
V2 details
enano/eds tnt stems
nano milk
figured maple nano
unboxing pics
redwood burl pics
before/after nano upgrade
nano vs solo
Afzelia Burl
stand introduction
Afzelia Burl
Amboyna Burl
Amboyna Burls stems/nano
Karken gong on nano
curly koa pic/review
buckeye nano
good tips
eds tnt enano stand
IR enano
enano hot chocolate
from the joda thread
pieces are for the nano
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