How many times do you re-vape?


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Usually once, however I've stirred and attempted to revape and got a small tiny cloud that's about it and wasn't tasting good tasted like burnt popcorn so not worth stirring in roffu.


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When using a convection vape like VLeaf Go or tinymight, my avb is generally still a little green or very light brown. I mostly give it away to some friends who like to smoke it. Tried to vape it once with a dynavap and got some clouds, no taste though... It's like a last resort if I run out of bud😂
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I like three hit sessions starting at 330 f, then 345 f and finishing at 360 f. However, everyone has different gear and expectations, so go your own way. Good Luck


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Guess I may be in the minority, but I usually vape a load 6 times. The first 3 times on medium heat, and then the last three usually stepping up the temp. While I'm fairly well stocked for my usage, and save my ABV for some kind of emergency, the last three hits give me effects and hitting a bowl twice like this basically cuts the amount I use in half.

Clearly, the least three hits are not tasty and it would be nice to just enjoy the tasty hits. But it just seems wasteful (because I'm unlikely to ever do anything with the ABV). I'm curious what the effect would be if I smoked the ABV, but not curious enough to try -- it tastes pretty spent when I'm done!


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You get 5 hits out of 1/40th of a gram?
In a super efficient device like a Dynavap or Vapman it is possible to get 5 hits out of 0.025 if the user is a lightweight or taking not-very-big hits. It's not the most fulfilling thing IMO, but I have done it.

I stopped revaping after I moved away from session vapes with big chambers, but I kind of miss it now. On-demand is nice and quick and all, but I'm coming back around to the idea of loading up a larger load and sipping on it leisurely for 10 minutes without having to heat it up for every draw, and doing the same thing on the same load a 2nd time later on.
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I pretty much exclusively use Dynavaps these days, half pack setting and I run 2 heat cycles. Can usually get a third but the taste isn’t great so it goes into the jar for edibles.
Volcano here.. This is one area it is very efficient. I'll hit each chamber (with small amount) between 2 and 5 times (bags), until I can't get any more visible vapor from it. I used to toss my ABV then, but recently I started saving. Later, I'll FILL UP the chamber with ABV... I'll then get a fresh full bag or two. The whimpy last bits are multiplied when you have so much in there..

Then it's toast. I never bothered with the black ABV iso syrup.. Looks so nasty..
I literally do the exact same thing with my Volcano, I’ll pack the chamber to the brim with abv and get super dense bags. That abv goes into a separate jar after.
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