How many times do you re-vape?


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You are pretty on nucleo. FYI, a fairly small amount of quality biomass can usually be vaped at least 3 times in the Volcano with a medium size bag. Sometimes a solid 4 times; while still getting visible vapor. Then, later revaping larger amounts allows you to get acceptable bag fills off biomass you'd otherwise discard because it wasn't providing visible vapor.. It is a very efficient device if you use it correctly.


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Just once or even twice more but I use a MFLB and I don't use a full trench but instead just put a light dusting on the bottom of the trench and vape it once and usually once again at least. Does anyone else do this?


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Ive personally revaped about 3 times lol it was when I was dry and you gotta do, what you gotta do:peace:


well, if you keep the temp low enough you can revape it for quite a well...once its already in the abv status i usually just crank the heat way up on my device of choice so its simply not possible to get more without combustion. so, depends on the temp how many times you can vape or revape.


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I load up half that amount, .025g, and I get 5 good hits. First two really tasty. Last 3, not as tasty but still get visible vapor. Of course, there are some variables at play here being the following:

The quality of the bud
How dry or moist the bud is
How finely ground it is
The size of your hits
The size of the bowl
The type of vape one is using
The temp one is vaping at

After those 5 hits, my ABV comes out pretty damn dark, about the color of dark chocolate, which I then save to make firecrackers out of at a later date. 2 grams of this ABV in firecrackers does the trick...........for me.

You get 5 hits out of 1/40th of a gram?


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now my UD-routine has developed, I revape 2 times
first, I load the UDstem with a (very small) oinch of weed. when it'done I dump it out on the table in front of me. when a 2nd stem is done I dump it out there too, crumble it up a bit more(the grinder I'm using has a grind on the coarse side)
then I load that in the UD-stem again(so what were 2 stems at first now takes the room of 1)
when this is done I dump it in my ABV jar, a nice little glass jar included with my UD
then I later revape that in my VG


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Yeah, It would be another matter if I was taking one toke from 1/5 of a gram and tossing the rest.

Not sure about the sin part though, but it's been many years since I paid for the stuff, otherwise I might feel differently...

Haha I like your style. I'm pretty wasteful as well with the Buddha because you get best results packing big bowls, so with potent outdoor weed I can get like 8 hits a bowl, but only take the first 3 or 4 since the vapor loses its flavor after that and is no longer enjoyable. But since I blow my hits out immediately I always end up packing a second bowl to finish getting the full buzz. :lol:
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Does anyone else not enjoy anything made with ABV at all? Not only the horrid taste but the high is just a lousy heavy high that just makes me pass out before I can even get an enjoyable "buzz."

oops double post sorry


i enjoy it, but its based on the circumstances of the moment that would make me want an abv level...or when desperate, im glad i save it for those times.


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Yeah I agree maybe for sleep if you are dry, but I wouldnt want that high for functioning or fun outdoors. I would be intrerested in water curing the ABV before cooking with it. But it all doesnt seem worth it by that point.


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I have the seem experience with abv-brownies. but once made abv-sambucca, and combined with the alcohol that was a very good effect, not for a regular night at home tough, bt excellent for a party
I find the taste is easily tamed by proper pairing, with peanut butter being a classic cover for the less pleasant aspects of the ABV flavor for me. Personally I have people constantly swooping in to smoke my ABV, but whenever I can I make PB shakes for myself as detailed in a certain popular thread, and I enjoy it thoroughly. It's not downy or heavy, just pleasant. I'm a high tolerance user though and I have witnessed lighter users go "one toke over the line" or even approach a mild sickness from ABV edibles. Well, screw that, I've seen noobies vomit from the effects. The memory of one particular person so unhappily purging recently actually brings a slight smile to my face, as off as that may sound.

When I feel like making ABV edibles, I'll usually pack a huge bowl bowl of normal ABV in the Extreme Q at around 475F, and blow two or three bags. This makes sure that everything is properly extracted and decarbed for the edibles.

So to answer the question originally posed by this thread, I vape once by either the UD/VHW/MFLB usually, and then load that in the Extreme Q for a second roundabout before making edibles.


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Knowing that the EQ isn't as efficient the $600 Volcano or the $1000 HA, I elbow pack .200g into 2 screens. After each screen is vaped at 388F both are emptied into another cyclone bowl with a dash of green(.050-.100) in the middle. Then the ABV/green/ABV cyclone bowl gets vaped at 415F into a bag after that all in the trash.


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I just throw my ABV away. I crank up the temp and get the most out of it.
I've never had much luck with edibles - even with high quality bud.
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DaVinci Ascent here, with temperature settings. My favourite temp is 195°C (383°F) - love the flavours and gentle stone. Then I'll either use the same bowl for my next session at 215°C (420°F) - much harsher but definitely whoosh! Sometimes I'll go a few sessions at the lower temp and save the ABV for later but I generally swap them around. One load, two highs Oh, and I use pretty small amounts - maybe a quarter of the Ascent oven - sorry, can't put a number on it, it's just a pinch of finely ground herb.


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Eh it varies. I use my Haze so theyre in cans so I would often (less so now) take a few hits and then go back to it a bit later to extend my state and finish off the bowl which wasnt too dark after the first go. Now I feel like it gets decently dark after round one (might be going longer idk) so I discard after each little session. Dont really do anything with my ABV, currently been stocking it up in a jyarz so maybe sometime in the summer when family is out of the house for a few days I'll look into cooking something with it


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Wow, @machine.screw had to do some digging for this one.

I just take two tokes per .05 load, similar to @zymos.

I will throw it in a jar, but I have yet to do anything with any ABV. I still have several full mason jars though, with the intention of eventually making capsules. Or throwing it out someday. I dunno. I'm weird.

No need to even worry about it one way or another though.

Always a new round of plants finishing up.

Shit, for that matter, this round is finishing up when I'm just getting doneish with two cycles previous.


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In general for me it's 3-4 times with my Ascent usually upping the temp from 365,375,385,395 , but my ABV is still golden brown. Though a session isn't set in stone with the Ascent, it tends to turn off when not being moved. So I go by whether I'm getting any vapour, so it all depends on what you consider re-vaping.

It's 2-3 times with the Solo, but I usually stick on Level 5, unless I'm using a bubbler then I'll move it to level 6 for the last session.

I then make eddibles and have great success :tup:

However, I never re-vape if you mean from cold, take some ABV and fill my device for a session.

That will never happen...ok, if I ever ran out, then it might :nod:
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I've never used ABV after cashing it out. I am saving it though for future use in some form of edible.
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What can I say? ABV originally vaped at low temperatures still kicks ass at higher temps, even starting from cold. I prefer the super-clean, tasty experience of fresh herb but can't ignore the two-for-the-price-of-one magic of re-vaped ABV :2c::peace:


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I recently bought 2 g and grinded it up, just to dump it into my ABV container. Now I took the abv with green sprinkles and vaped it at 210°C and after that, I put it into another ABV container. Now after the "refreshed" ABV has been vaped, I start over if I have nothing else at hand.


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So you're adding a bit of fresh weed to the ABV? Yep, I do that too sometimes, as long as I'm vaping at a higher temp than the first session it works fine, with added flavour. Hard to imagine there's much left after the 210°C session however.
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