Heater for combustion hand pipes?


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Hi. I have a dream project that involves making a heating element for hand pipes. For practicality it might be best to design it for the most popular pipes...Grav, or whatever.

The idea is to have a portable heater. A few batteries and a ceramic heater of some sort (or different). Heater would interface with the pipe with a waxed hempwick as a gasket.

The idea is to bring back that great feeling of packing a bowl (in a nice glass pipe) and passing it around. But vape it instead of smoke. Does anyone have design ideas or a way to modify an existing product to get this result?
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I would put the Vapor Genie and Elev8r in this category, though they don't use an electric heater. Ed's TNT makes another similar flame powered "pipe" vaporizer.

One challenge is I don't find a grinder to provide the same organic ritual as a hand plucked bowl for a pipe; but that consistency tends to not vape so even. Another challenge is with vapes you can get the whole process down to one handed operation, with a pipe and a heater you need both hands.

You could probably pair your favorite convection portable with a J hook and get in the ballpark.
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