Guess the weight and win the Golden Scoop-n-Poke!


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What time and zone does this end?



knowing is half the power - Gi-JOE
Thank you again to everyone who entered the contest. The weight of the scoop was measured at 4.19g.

The two nearest guesses were by @Moses Baca and @NexVision with 4.20g (heh). The tie-breaker was determined by random-number generation and @NexVision is the grand winner!

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I hope ya'll had fun, I hope to sponsor similar contests in the future! :rockon:
What?!?! I was going to say 4.20 but I told myself "Nah, iDB... takes your guess serious there's no way 4.20 will win..." well under estimated the power of 420....
I DEMAND A NICKEL ON THE SCALE @Delta3DStudios !!! Hahaha jpjp. Forget to say thanks for the contest
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